Who is to blame for the negativity regarding pentagrams?  A pentagram is always seen as a sign of devil worship!! Why is this?


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I hadn't heard that about the Freemasons.  Interesting.


 I figured it was the church etc.., but couldn't figure out the why~  My favorite question.  I don't see it ever changing either.   They did too a job on it and us, unfortunately. sigh.


Thanks much !!!



I had heard that legend before, about the pentagrams position being good or evil, I didn't know it was the freemasons that deemed it such though... :P

It "CHANGES" when people actually listen what it means to us and we take the time to explain......my Catholic inlaws love my Celtic surrounded pentagram and see the Air,Fire,Earth,Water and Spirit as a lovely symbol of how i connect to my own spirituality.they dont even think "WITCH" is a basd word anymore......
Before converting to Pagansim around 5 years ago, I was a Christian for the 41 years of my life. And I can tell you that some of earliest memories of the church were when they were brainwashing me to associate certain symbols with the "followers of the Devil." Chief among these were the pentacle and pentagram. Others included the ankh, the upside down cross and the peace sign (which they described as an upside down cross with horizontal beam broken). I was taught that a goat head was a sign of devil worship too.



Wow that is a lot of brainwashing!!!  Sheesh! 


Onward and upward, eh??  ☺☺


Thanks~ Becky

Always! :)


Here's your origin. Why it's considered evil, general propaganda baby.

The 70s and 80s were a time called the "Satanic Panic" for a number of reasons. This when:

- Wicca was getting started/established in the US, and they used the pentagram

- La Veyan Satanism was getting established at this time, as well as the Temple of Set. Many forms of Satanism use the inverted pentagram.

- Heavy metal bands with acronym-like names were getting popular, and parents saw this as new and scary, just like how Elvis was the "new and different thing" back in the 50s. ACDC (Antichrist Devil's Children), KISS (Knights in Service to Satan), and others. (Parents filled in the acronyms) Ozzy even called himself the Prince of Darkness, as well as all the occult stuff that Rolling Stones got into.

- Dungeons and Dragons saw a lot of popularity as a main stream role playing game that involved magic and fantasy settings

- Charles Manson won at a lot of infamy for all the murders and his "family" by this time in US history, and the media greatly played up his supposed Satanic connections as well as the Helter Skelter stuff.


Many Americans at the time likely mentally grouped all or most of these things together, which is why Dungeons and dragons, heavy metal, Wicca, etc are associated with evil and cult-like behavior, along with the pentagram, because some of that was actually going on, at least with Charles Manson.

Today, old habits die hard, unfortunately. A lot of it was misconception from the start, because of some of the other stuff that was happening in society at the time. Well, that's my best guess anyway.

You know I remember my mom going on about this... Now I know why.. Lol



Very interesting information, Stonewolf.  I had not thought of the heavy metal music or Charles Manson for that matter.  I can see where people would think he was the devil incarnate, and unfortunately today, there are a lot that are trying to be more evil than him. 


Agreed that old habits die hard, sad to say. 


I can only hope that in time people will see it as something good, not bad. 


Thanks much for your enlightning post.  ~Becky

Hi ~


Agreed!!  Pentagrams to us are good and represent so many positive things. 



and then there's the whole question of pentacle vs. pentagram and who is "entitled" to use what


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