Why are some of us more prone to paranormal experiences than others?

Or is it simply that the general public is in denial, fear induced silence, and/or labeling each other with mental illnesses? 

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I don't think it means a person is automatically ill in the brain.  I think it's due to specific beliefs.

Elders in my family believe, they have had personal experiences with apparitions.  This belief expressed doesn't come off ill or insane, just a manifestation of belief.

That said, I think only some people are prone due to beliefs they hold.  

I don't hold such beliefs, thus I'm not prone to Paranormal Experiences.

That makes sense.

Sin, Maybe you don't see it as ill or insane because you were taught it was normal to experience paranormal happenings?

My children grew up with the paranormal as a normal thing in life. Even the one's that do not believe in such things do not see it as abnormal when other talk about such occurrences happening to them.
But their friends, spouses etc that have been taught that paranormal is crazy or silly or what have you see it abnormal or crazy to talk about such things.  

Nah, if I relied on what I was taught then I should see them as absolutely nuts.  I mean, you have to consider that in Catholicism, once the soul ascends to heaven, it's gone.  The warning about Necromancy has more to do with what this belief does to your mind (Kingdom of Heaven as it were).  I don't negate that these beliefs may cause my Elders to mourn longer for loved ones than they should but I just see it as their way to cope.  If they believe they are sensing a loved-one present, it comforts them when they miss them.

In some regard, you can treat it like a form of self-therapy.  The 'nutty' aspect comes in when these people suffer from self-caused distress (as in the case of hauntings or possessions).

So I'm not saying that all people are totally 'sane' with this belief, I just think it's not as common as people think it is.  A lot of people believe the dead roam, or that you can pierce the veil between the world of living and dead. I mean shit, that means thousands of occultists are completely mad.  

On second thought... lol

I think those that experience paranormal happenings are often more open to the idea. I have stood in a room full of people and seen things that all the other were oblivious to. One time an item came off a shelf hovered for a few seconds and then dropped with more force than just falling would cause with no one around it. There were six people standing there and all of them thought the others had knocked it off with non of us near the shelf. So denial is one very good reason.

So are you saying that there are spirits who choose a person, as opposed to a person's character attracting spirits? To put it simply; just like random people mingling?

No there was six people, living breathing people standing there and I was the only one who seen the item hover or at very least the only one willing to admit I seen the item hover. The other denied it and insisted it had to been knocked from the shelf by one of the living breathing people in the room. But all of us were looking at the shelf when the paranormal happened. People only see what they want to see and even if their sight tells them they seen something else they will simply deny it. 

People have to be open to the idea that it's possible before they will see it or admit they seen it. 

Now I get it.

Probably because some people rely on other parts of the brain. You train your brain and there's a training to it with spiritual endeavors as well.

I want to experience more than I do, but it would probably scare the s*** out of me because I'm just opening up. I saw my aunt last year, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around that experience. If I didn't know she was deceased, I wouldn't know she was. She was that clear. The only apparition I've ever seen. Walking out of the room she died in. This was two days after taking acid. Acid never gave me visions this clear, even while peaking. This experience is half the reason I started this discussion.

It's a 6th sort of sense and like our other senses, some people are more sensitive than others about some things.

"Hey, you smell that?"


"Hey did you get that deja vu feeling just now?"


Same thing.

Sounds like I was overthinking a simple truth! Thank you :)


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