Why are some of us more prone to paranormal experiences than others?

Or is it simply that the general public is in denial, fear induced silence, and/or labeling each other with mental illnesses? 

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hmm, i agree that what your raised with you consider normal. my kids were raised that otherworldly things exist exists and their ok with it. in fact their awareness of otherworldly things has saved them alot of grief a time or 2  because they knew  how to recognize and counteract what was going on at the time.

here's a nother thing i found through reading various things, it's been said that the pineal gland has alot to do with what people experience. some folks say that the fluoride in the water has calcified the pineal gland (sometimes referred to as the 3rd eye) preventing folks from experiencing certain things, from seeing the bigger picture. people are less happy, have  broken sleep patterns etc. it's all bad  juju.

now the above is some of what i've read. so..i have only a glancing knowledge of it but i thought i'd mention it in case you'd  like to pursue that line of  inquiry.

i am of the  mind that humanity is  kinda  retarded and has been made so by power seekers..etc.  and they'd made  the sheeple that way on numerous levels. 

:d an that there's  my  opinion on this. 

A power seeker wants us to be dumb to it all, so we remain hungry for knowledge! Heaven forbid anyone gains their knowledge! Secret societies, Atlantis, Akashic Records, corrupt people are keeping us in the dark about these things! Then again, maybe some of these road blocks(some), are protecting us from going off the deep end! I don't drink much water, which, according to what you're saying about a calcified pineal gland, could be reflective of my third eye being overly active...

Thank you so much for your input! I figured out what I intended!

It's been a long sleepless night... I'm off to bed.

like i said, I've  only really just started  looking  into that  as  myself and my kids are,  i won't say allergic to fluoride? but we  do have reactions to it.  

:D it was simply another avenue for you to explore. 

*L*  i like to read varied n sundry things just for giggles.  doesn't mean i truly believe  em but the saying  "knowledge is  power" is very true.  the more ya  know the  more you  might survive anything..:D

though i have been meaning to research the  pineal gland/fluoride connection but LIFE happened and it got put  on the back burner.  :D

in any event  NICE TO MEETCHA!! glad your answer was found! :D


PS: sleep well!

There's a similar quote in a book called "I Am" by Howard Falco. It really opens up your mind.

Skeptics will say it is because we're gullible.

Yep. I understand that. 


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