I have read several posts in different discussions and am coming across the same comments.


I am very hesitant to post this because it could turn out badly, but I can't stop thinking about it. If this does turn bad, I will delete it.


Several comments have been made that the Wiccan Rede and the Law of Three are BS.

I just want to know why you feel that way. No judgements. No arguements for or against. Just want to know why you feel that way. I enjoy learning about other people and their beliefs and view points. So I just have to ask.



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YOU are doing grande,gotta go grill my steaks,pour my wine!!! Have a SAFE eve,Alexandria!! And Againb THANKS for your service!!
thanks hun much love to you girlfriend. n.n and have a cold beer or two for me cause i can't :P
OF course I will!!
I don't believe in the 3 fold law. I think many have confirmation bias about it.

niether do i hun, but i do believe strongly in Karma. both the old school meaning and the new school and as Vig can atest  I know the topic rather well after tonight hehe, 


this is jsut me being me and curious, but why don't you believe in the rule of three.


i know i don't because  well i've done some really bad thing in my life, and i've not died, though i personally dont think i'm done paying for my crimes agasint life. and yes i think taking any life no mater how small without giving proper respect is a crime agasint life.   thus is why i say blessing over all food that i consume and drink.

I see no evidence of it. In fact my childhood sucked balls really, and I wasn't a child who got into trouble or who did bad things.
fair enough, that's a reason i can respect, it sure beats the all too often heard "just cause."
If I could make an observation, Energy is not the same for any two people. I once heard that friday the 13th was an evil day oh careful careful! To me it is one of the best days of the year! I agree with what you have said and we should ask other to explain what they say. That aside I think some really intense ritual work is a good cure for the problem. Maybe a good Saturn working, nothing like a little sour to go with the sweet.
That's another thing I tend to take into account. It may work for some people but not me. I understand my philosophy and religion aren't for everyone, what I find plausible and working in reality you may completely disagree with.
NO,it is not,HOW we use the energy around us,withun us and our natural energies vary on a daily basis. I'm a fan of Friday the 13th 's too! A black snake crossing one's path in Celtic lore is good fiortune too

If you still live under the rules of Karma, as a spiritual being, then Yes you will get what you put out. Its a very advanced and rare thing to not live under the weight of karma.

As for the Wiccan Rede its actually an expression of the highest cosmic law:  The Law Of Love. That is, that everything is connected, and what you do to anything else you inevitably do to yourself. Sometimes you notice the reprocussions of that sooner than later.

Ultimately this is about What Kind of World do you choose to live in? Because the external world is a reflection in part of your inner self...


Even if the above 2 things aren't enough to consider, your Vibration or spiritual frequency will also determine what you attract into your life... because of the 2nd major cosmic law:  The Law Of Attraction.

So even if you're not receiving the impact of what it is you're doing, if you are a trouble-maker then other trouble makers will seem to miraculously start appearing in your life eventually, because that is the mud puddle in which you sit.

I choose not to live under any weight,karma or anyone else guilt trip.I am my magick,,,I enjoy it,live it and relish it.laws are a choosintg we each define for ourselves.....Have a bonny day,all...


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