I started a free fund raising campaign on Fundly.com to start a school where students can live while learning Wicca from experienced practitioners.
If you are interested in making this happen go to fundly.com and look for Wiccan school fund..
any donations received will aid in purchasing books and supplies,buying a place large enough to house the teachets and students and any equipment needed such as quarter altars, incenses,tarot cards, herbs etc.

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The web page doesn't seem to be working. I click and click on the "Donate Now" button but nothing happens.

thats strange, I will look into it.
try the donate now button again
here's the direct link https://fundly.com/wiccan-school-fund

The "Donate Now" button works now but they don't take Paypal. I don't use credit or debit cards and Paypal is the only way I exchange money on the internet.

So basically a non-lineaged school of non-initiates teaching non-initiates what they think is Wicca based on outer court teachings?


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