so my card readings are usually spot on and dead accurate. However today, my reading was so weird.. I did a three card spread and they all clash with one another.. am I looking at it wrong? Anyone want to shed some insight on it? 

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What was it?

The father of wands , mother of cups, & the high priestess. 

I don't see them clashing that diametrically.  What was it that caught your attention?

Well maybe I do not understand them ? Can u explain these and what they could possibly mean? The high priestess and mother of cups are rivals correct? How should I interpret this 3 card spread? 

A partnership between an interlectual man and an overly-emotional woman presided over by a wise and knowledgable other woman, such as a lawyer or judge. Like the start of a business venture or the founding of a charity.

Or could signify a married professional man is having a love affair with his lady boss.

The high priestess and mother of cups are not necessarily rivals at all.


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