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Somewhere in between Lana Del Rey casting hexes on President Trump and Khloe Kardashian hawking zodiac sweatshirts on Instagram, pop culture reached peak witch.

In anticipation of 2017, multiple trend forecasting firms predicted that mystical trends -- those tapping into fantasy, witchcraft and New Age spirituality -- would define the year in fashion. That's certainly been true on the runway, with dramatic capes and black lace seen time and again in the couture shows in Paris earlier this month; and among the gang of young female celebrities who worship at the altar of witchy icon Stevie Nicks.

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Let's not forget, people wearing shirts of bands they've never even heard. It is another popular trend.

Hey! My faintly unwashed smelling cat jammies are high Paris fashion :3
And for it's dead bodies in the catacombs :P
;) Maybeeeeee (I wish :( )

Got a medical license ?

Come visit...;)

We have so much here , you can't give it away...;)

As far as Witchy Fashion...

From another site I belong to...

I know :) I am in a light hearted mood. :P

Sippin' helium ?


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