Ok everybody lets not forget about the Wolf Moon. It will be 2009 Jan 11 03:28 Sun. The first full moon is a time of silence and sitting by the home fire. As the wild winter howls, appreciate the warmth of home and family. Now is the time to go within and plan the changes you will make in the spring. Consider now what you will plant. Start a moon journal to record your lunar tides and write down your spring dreams.

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Let us also note that the Wolf Moon as so known as the Chaste Moon falls on the same day that Mercury goes into Retrograde. I say what a night that is going to be for us all.

I would like to thank you both for what you have posted in response to Wolf Moon.
Anytime friend, I follow these things closely as Mercury and I don't seem to meet eye to eye, lol, but this one will be interesting to say the least since it falls on the day and night of the Full Moon.

Thanks for sharing!
At the risk of sounding like a smart ass, if it's called the wolf moon, why then are Coyote and Fox the coorespondent animal forms??

2 reasons; 1) occurs during the time food is scarce for predators, brings wolves to villages in search of food.
2)family & togetherness. wolves live in packs, like us, they keep the same family for life. they depend of their families for love, wisdom, and moral support. they depend on their families for their lives.
Without the pack, many simply pine away and cease to exist.
During this month you shoudl spend time with you family, both blood relatives and extended family. You are who you are because of them. Thank them, show them appreciation, lend support.
Remember the Gods are our family to so remember them and send them thanks. It will go far in the coming year.
Good time to make a family apple wreath.
Apples of love, plucked from the tree
Secure our family harmony
Bind is fast and make it true
Bo now what I ask of you
Family issues:
Remove all doubt-remove this rift
Open this heart that's been adrift
Open now and let me in
And let us never part again.
"The Craft" by Dorothy Morrison
She put it more eloquently.
hope this helps
love peace unity for all people
Thanx for the info.
that's the first full moon by the roman/christian "Julian" calendar, isn't it?

wouldn't the first full moon for pagans be the first after the spring equinox?
That's all good reasons why the correspondent animal form should be the wolf. Not Coyote or fox.
any one else?
I do realize that this moon has many names depending on the time and culture.
I personaly follow the celtic name of "quiet moon"
Merry meet Speed Rebel,

Many celebrate the beginning of the New Year after Samhain. Personally I can't feel the energy of a New Year then, so I celebrate it after the Winter Solstice. As for the Wolf Moon, I have an article at paganpages.org, "Embracing the Wolf Moon", under the rites and rituals section, if anyone is interested. From my own experience with our two wolf dogs, they are truly amazing creatures, seemingly capable of putting a charm spell on all they meet...lol. And the pups, who just opened their eyes today, are beautiful beyond words.


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