Which God(s) and Goddess(es) do you worship, if any? I'm not asking what you generally work with (i.e. "I like to call upon Venus to perform an attraction spell"), but who you actually worship, honor, pray to, etc. I'm honestly still searching, but I'd like to hear about other people's experiences. 

Thank you.

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I love her so much too!

I also like Ganesha as well. For Kali I have a pendant of her I use for rituals to her.

I worship myself. While I acknowledge the existence of a God and the Devil and I mostly side with the Devil. I worship myself because I know that the power to become a God is inside all of us. We just have to learn how to activate it. Satan has been guiding us along that path since he convinced Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit so that she could finally realize that she was being held prisoner inside a gilded cage. Satan wants us to reach are true potential and eventually become Gods ourselves. God on the other hand would rather have us remain as his subservient play things for all eternity. Why else would he have forbidden us from gaining knowledge?

That is actually a very cool belief, thanks for sharing!

Sounds like my type of path, lol.

It works for me. There is not much to it. The only real rule is you can't stop trying to better yourself. In other words never be content with your lot in life. Always strive for more.

Earth , nature and universe itself, (pantheist).


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