With Yule coming up pretty soon, how are you all celebrating it?
Are you conjoing it with Christmas or just celebrating Yule or even just celebrating Chrismas.


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I will be celebrating yule for the very first time this year. It will be very difficult because the damn schools shove christmas in the kids faces and my kids are reluctant to celebrate yule. Im going to try and make it as fun as possible for them

I don't celebrate Yule as my practice doesn't derive from Northern Europe.  There are a few festivals I will observe around that time this year, but only coincidentally.  My festival cycle is based on a lunisolar calendar and festival days are calculated within lunar months.  

I spend Christmas day with family as a secular gathering.  

I usually just celebrate Christmas, considering I would be the only one celebrating Yule if it were celebrated in my house. We're rather secular about Christmas...mostly about presents and spending time with family. 

I usually celebrate at Christmas since it's the time everyone gets together and is off work for the holiday. I see it as a time to spend with family and friends and I usually do my own thing for the Winter Solstice :)

December starts off with the day honoring the Bona Dea, one of my favorite goddesses with her sharing a sacred meal and honoring her with wine, music and dance, then later Saturnalia starts up for a week on Dec 17 and lasts until Dec 23.  I give out my presents during this time.

By the time Xmas rolls around, I'm done and Xmas I go to relative's houses to eat their celebratory meals.

Christmas is for my kid, while I'll indulge in food and gifts, it's my least favorite holiday of the year.  I do observe Yule, but nothing at all like most people recognize it.  In the last 5 years, my holiday 'decorum' gets less and less.  This year, I'm thinking that a 12" tree is more than enough, with a few bobbles to give my son that holiday 'spirit' he's after.  I also try to stay away from the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers, jam packed stores and all that pretentious stuff.  Right around this time is when I start grocery shopping at 3 am, and doing my household shopping at weird hours of the day to avoid the mob. 

Ack were going ot get herded up by the Aliens :) LO:L no for rea sma;l;l ceremony then  we our packing  to go vist out of state.... !

We buy this cake that looks like a log, it's covered in icing.

Then we eat the cake, usually with coffee or tea.

We celebrate every day. Each day I am with my wife is cause for celebration. However, Yule will always be special to us because it is symbolically the return of the light and the days start getting longer again. We spend the time together and do what pleases us, we can be spontaneous. We celebrate Christmas for the children and those family members who are not Pagan. Basically, we give gifts  to the children and eat family meals if we're invited.

"WE celebrate every day",US too! HUGS!

I have no idea what I am doing this year.  I need to get off my ass and get my pagan friends together to do something for Yule.  I do participate in the present giving/food on xmas, but since my man and I already got our presents this year...I haven't been motivated to think about a tree, decorations, or anything else.

We made a decision last night.  We've been "remodeling" our front yard.  We are going to get a potted pine tree and then plant it in the yard later.  Now I need to get motivated for all the other festive stuff...


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