Hey everyone!

So this will be my first Yule after accepting Paganism into my life and I don't know too much about what people do for each holiday. I am aware that we all put our own traditions and practices into holidays that are personal, but I am just looking for ideas and knowledge on what the pagan community does to celebrate Yule ( if you do).

So please post any of your traditions, celebrations or practices you have on Yule, if you can. I'm very interested in what the community has to say ^_^

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and...just to ask, in my parent's garage, and not very many places to go find logs, would a log that has been in their garage in their wood pile for years be suitable?
Yeah, absolutely you'd have to replace the candles. Sorry, I should have made that more clear. From what I understand, traditionally the log was meant to be found or gifted, but never purchased. I'm not exactly sure why that is. I don't see why 'finding a log' in your parents garage doesn't cover that :P It's all about feeling a connection and celebrating the birth of the God, not being so wrapped up in the details that it becomes a strict list of dos and donts, if that makes any sense.
I don't recieve my log as a gift from anyone. I go out into an area with trees and ask for guidance finding the log being gifted to me by the Goddess or Gaia or the Great Spirit or Mother Earth... The important thing for my daughter and I is asking and then going and looking for the one that feels right to us and then giving thanks for the gift of the log. I usually make Yule logs for my friends this time of year. I decorate them and add the candles sometimes using traditional colors and other times using colors favored by the person who is receiving the log.

Someone mentioned receipes for this time of year, and one that is very popular in my area is Wassil. You can make this with or without alcohol and both are very good. There are lots of different receipes to try, so try a couple and see what you like best.
This is just what we do for Yule. (The Yule log, I mean.) This year is going to be even more special because it is our son's first Yule! So exciting!! We usually burn ours when we're done, setting the ashes aside for the garden in the Spring.

Enjoy your Yule! :D
Decorating the yule log was something we did as children...
Hello Ari, there is a awesome group here, and they have lots of info on Yule with links on projects as well as recipes for incense, oils, food and beverage.... its a family friendly group with lots of crafts for kids as well. Best of luck :o)

Stay Blessed, Adolpha!

Yule is one of my groups favorite sabbats, only because we take almost three days to celebrate it! The first day, is usually the decoration party i have, where everyone comes over, and we decorate almost every room in the house. Its fun! Now, we also sometimes talk about what "traditional" Yule thing we would like to do that Sabbat, and if we can all agree on one, we do it but its different every time. The second day is when everyone brings something (one small thing) for everyone else in the group. (thank god its a small group) and we all bring something to eat.Sometimes we will bring a Yule dish, or just one we came up with. We have our meal, we have our "Circle of gifts" around the fire and then we drink, eat and play games, until we are all about to pass out. Good times! The third day is one of recuperating and the decorations stay up until new years. After that, we have an un-decorating party and its not nearly as extravagant as the other two days, but its fun none the less. Most of my gatherings with my group, are about the bond of the group no matter what sabbat, but it seems that Yule is everyone's favorite right now. That is untill i can get the other Sabbats set in place! Then well its party time eight times a year!
Well, lets see...some things my family does every year. We do yule and christmas.

1) the yule tree goes up the day after thanksgiving, always, every year
2) we make our own ornaments
3) certain foods are made this time of year, not any other time of year (my mamaws famous cheese ball for instance)
4) drive around and look at lights on houses
5) this year I want to start making a yule log
6) we watch christmas shows as a family while drinking hot chocolate
7) we make red/green chain out of construction paper to count down the days

Im sure there is something im forgetting, lol.
Canadian thanksgiving is in October. So that would be a very long tree.

What do you make your ornaments out of?

your yule sounds very warm and loving. <3<3
heh, ya, ours is in nov 25 with so its not so long.

Lets see, we have, cinnamon ornaments, salt dough ornaments, I have one that I love, my aunt made me. Its basically an angel poppet, heh. Im not that crafty just yet. Got a few candycane looking ones made of beads and the crafy pipe stuff. We find, buy and color our own. Can buy some wooden ones, paint and add glitter.

Oh and my favorite, witches balls. Cheap way to do it, find some clear glass or plastic ornaments, craft paint and ribbon. Take off the top of the ornament, squirt in a few drops of paint swirl it around. After you got your pattern (or however much of one color) turn over into an empty egg thingy until the extra drips out, turn over, let dry, (about a day) replace top..wa-la, ornaments almost like a witches ball.
I made one of these for my Mother one year and it was one of her favorite ornaments!! Cheap, easy and beautiful!
As a Wiccan, my group holds a circle on the Sabbat of Yule for the purpose of welcoming the infant Sun and giving energy to the Mother who bears Him. We also light 13 candles representing the 13 moons of the coming solar year, to call forth the blessings of each of the months. You can use the traditional moon names (snow moon, chaste moon, hare moon, dyad moon, etc.), or make up names each year.

It's also great fun to decorate oranges with cloves and ribbon to hang for good luck, string cranberries and popcorn to decorate living trees outside for the birds to feast, sing ancient carols (the versions before the words were changed to christianize them), and drink wassail!


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