With Yule coming up pretty soon, how are you all celebrating it?
Are you conjoing it with Christmas or just celebrating Yule or even just celebrating Chrismas.


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I grew up thinking Christmas and Yule were the same thing, and in many ways they were in my house. My parents weren't the cooky Christians who banned Christmas trees, Faeries, Magic, and Star Wars. Family traditions were more important than the latest panicky fad. I think it may come from the fact that my dad is a farmer who seems to believe that magic doesn't cease to be magic just because you know how it works. The stream that flows through the family farm is full of magic. The glistening snow, the steam rising off the water, the light playing through the branches of the trees, the scent of yule, are pervasive ornaments throughout my childhood memories. One feels the spirits moving, and it doesn't matter what they are called, it only matters that they have been there generation upon generation watching over my family. And we have watched them. We call it Christmas in name because my family are Christians, but we drink great drinks, we play and sing and listen to great music, and we dance our own crazy dances. I myself have just grown more pagan over the years to the point where I have come to see little actual difference. My wife is a Christian minister. My own spiritual beliefs centre on the three kindreds of the Gods, natural spirits, and the ancestors. My practise is a kind of bardism. Poetry, stories, songs, and non-lyric musical composition are my ritual tools. The Christian carols call to some deep places in nature, so I use those, as well as more overtly pagan songs as I invite the Gods, spirits, and ancestors to come and be part of my existence.

In my home too,growing up! DA is an Orthodox Jew,MOM was a wilde wee faerie believing Presbyterian Scot! LOL......

I won't be celebrating much this year..... We are going to do secret santa in the office. Because I am deployed. I will give the kids a call though. I usually do Christmas though with my children. I love decorating. Fall is my faveorite time of year.

To where have you been deployed, sister?

Thank You for your service Amanda!

We celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend's family (which gets exhausting as they always want to have multiple get-togethers), but there isn't any particular religious significance placed upon it...mostly eating and swapping gifts.  We celebrate the Solstice on our own or with pagan friends.  I usually make a large meal and we exchange our own gifts then, and at midnight we have a few moments of total darkness before lighting candles in our Yule log, to represent the return of the sun.  We have a hodge-podge of beliefs among us as far as Yule and the Solstice are concerned...I'm fond of the Oak King / Holly King legend myself, but it's fairly easy to accommodate everyone's traditions.

Yay! I love Yule. I decorate my outdoors altar in wintergreens and paint a log to burn. last year i sacrificed a cornhusk poppet for good luck,it seemed to have worked :p i celebrate christmas too but remember in the back of my mind that baby Jesus is just an incarnation of the sun god, that its a very similar story used in an attempt to convert pagans when force didn't work.

Loving the response to my first ever post.. seeing as everyone is reply i might as well give my own opinion. i shall be celebrating both as i am the only pagan and the rest of my family celebrate christmas with out the religious part. i have decorated my flat with as much tinsel and paper snowflakes i could possibly do as i am on a student budget. we also have a tree which we handcafted our decorations using old newpapers and pizza boxes (we made sure there was no cheese left on it, that would be gross!) i have goddess symbols and pentagrams as my decorations and my flat is cooking a christmas dinner which they are willing for me to add a couple a candles for the goddess and god (I <3 MY FLATMATES SO MUCH) Then going home and celebrating chrismas with the fam :)


Blessed Be and have a wonderful Yule x

Pizza box decorations! love it!!  You could wrap them up as packages and put them all over! Fun! I use all kinds of oddities in my house and yard,too

Yay! I also usually do the peanut butter n birdseed on pinecones thing, but it's an awfully warm "winter" in Tennessee. More like the Endless Indian Summer! So I think that's attributed to the scarcity of pinecones I've encountered so far. :/p>

MERYY XMAS EVE TO all the celebrate this eve!


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