AZ_Magick & EPIC-Magic YahooGroup, Arizona Pagan & WItches PaganSpace group, and the Coven of Eriu will be holding an OPEN Full Moon Circle on Saturday, August 16th, 7pm at the El Dorado park located at McDowell & 77th Street in Scottsdale.

Our beautiful High Priestess & dashing High Priest are from the Coven of Eriu and have lovingly volunteered to lead this Ritual.

Afterwards, we will have a potluck so please make sure that you bring a dish to share and beverages for yourself/group.

To get to our ritual location - head north onto 77th street from McDowell ... enter the 2nd parking lot. You'll see a playground across from the playground underneath the trees you'll see a gathering of witches - some in street clothes and others in ritual gear ... please feel free to come and join us.

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This ritual has been cancelled ... sorry
Wow, a friend of mine and I would absolutely love to attend these, is there plans for a september meeting??


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