My wife and I are looking for some ritual action! lol We really would like to meet some others of like mind in the Phoenix area for open circles or gatherings in our area. Is there anybody out there?

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Have you tried WitchVox? It is an online site, similar to PaganSpace, but much older. They have a whole list of groups that hold open rituals, drum circles and meetings. Check it out! I was amazed at how long the list is!
Ah yes, the Witches Voice, I have used this site and I have found a couple of interesting groups there. I have been on thier list myself sense 2003(az adult page 3, I am in Chandler). I joined one group for a full moon and was a bit dissapointed as they were very young and very well......childish. But that was a few years ago. I will look again per your advice. Many thanks and Blessed Be...
sacred spiral pagan church of arizona is an eclectic pagan group that does open to the public rituals at falcon field park on most fridays at 7pm theres also going to be a drum circle there on the 19th i think at 7 as well i'll doouble check the time on that one ages rang from 2 to 60!


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