The Wednesday night before last Samhain, we lost our dear Inky to a vicious cat killing cult of teenagers who were probably superstitious as well as stupid, and killing black cats was how they “honored” our most sacred holy day.  They covered his little muscular body with leaves on the side of the street.  So now Tegwedd’s boyfriend is on the astral plane, in that special Summerland just for putties, for cats. 

What is the astral plane or astral realm? The astral plane or realm is a place people go in their astral bodies.  You go there when  you dream at night, or when you daydream  during idle moments during the day, assuming of course that the night is when you sleep, and your daydreaming is during the day.  Those of you who do shift work, and work at night have your days and nights all turned around, so it would be the opposite.  If, when reading a novel, you find yourself in that fictional place, you’re in the astral realm that the author created when s/he wrote the book.  In the song “Dream Weaver,”  it speaks of the astral plane, “Maybe to an astral plane.”  Most of you are probably too young to remember the song but it was by a singer-songwriter named Gary Wright, who recorded it during the 70s.  John Lennon hated the 70s, but It was one of the most interesting decades of Tegwedd’s life because it was when she got into Paganism. 

Our house mate and Tegwedd’s  special friend Len who introduced use to this network says, “Basically it just takes me to different places and different times, where I have different real time and world experiences.  I can do those things at the places of my choice.”  Before Len moved in, we used to meet on the astral plane in realms such as the England of the 19th century, the time of Tess D’Urbervilles was set, and 16th century Scotland.

It occurred to us the other night that television, with the exception of the news, sports, and so-called “reality programming”, is a whole collection of astral realms, especially the scripted shows.  Take the police procedural “Castle” for example.  In which New York City would a mystery writer be able to accompany homicide detectives around and help them solve crimes?  Not in any New York City we know of.  A ride along with uniformed cops we can see, but not homicide detectives?  Nope. 

Right now the astral realm we’re in is the Checkerboard Lounge in South Chicago on November 22nd 1981 when the Rolling Stones joined famed blues man Muddy Waters onstage.  What a magical night that was when one of the premiere rock and blues groups in the world gets to meet  their idol and perform with him.   You can see how they enjoy each other and  respect and admire each other.    We’re sure that somewhere on an astral realm Jim Morrison is still making music.  Stephen considers him to be an astral shaman,  and considering his drug use, he was also a half-astral shaman.     

 We probably shouldn’t, but we watch a lot of TV.  And many of these shows are what are known in the trade as “police procedurals.”  Each of these shows is an astral realm in and of itself.  But since several of them take place in New York City, there is an astral realm New York City.  There is also an astral realm Las Vegas, an astral Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.  In these realms, everyone lives comfortably.  Even city workers such as police men and women can afford their own houses.  The law enforcement officers. defend the rights of the victims of crimes, no matter how little money they have.  A case in point is Horatio Cain, the main character in CSI Miami, who always takes a person under his wing, so to speak, and protects them.  You can tell that it’s purely a propaganda piece, because the police are not in reality that even handed, and are very conscious of who has what, and they give more respect to those who, for example, have a car, than to those who don’t. 

 In the case of the scifi shows  “Battleship Galactica”, “Star Trek”, “Babylon 5”, “Farscape”,  “Lexx,” and the space opera movies of “Star Wars”, and the 7 or 8 “Star Trek” movies, each of the universes they’re set in is an astral realm onto itself. 

 Tegwedd creates astral realms whenever she writes a story. Pagan writers like Jacqueline Carey create astral realms like the alternative Europe of Terre L’Ange in the Kurshiel stories. Middle Earth and Avalon are two such astral realms. 

These are but a small sample of all the astral realms there are.  What astral realms have you discovered?  Do tell us. We have given you broad powers to post discussions in this group, do use them wisely.  

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