Be sure to check out the other Adventures in the Astral Realms groups on the other networks!  The astral realms have a new
permanent resident now.  Robin Goodfellow
passed into the Summerland  late May 1st.  Robin was a former lover and a good
friend.  He always had something humorous
to say.  I think he thought his diabetes
was a huge colossal cosmic joke on him by the Gods and Goddesses.  He always had a strong interest in the astral
realms.  I think he was doing an astral
journey when he slipped into his diabetic coma and died. 


Since we are both interested in traveling to the astral realms, we both have dream journals that we write in whenever we get the chance.  My dream this morning was weird.  I dreamt I was going to a ball, and trying to
get to my room to change into my gown. 
The hotel the ball was at looked like my old dorm at Concordia College, Fjelstad
Hall.  It was a beautiful old place that
looked like a 16th century manor house.  It was the only dorm I would live in.  In the other dorms, the rooms were like shoe
boxes, with walls of cardboard.  In the
process of trying to find my room, I ran into my 3rd ex-hubby, who
was dressed as a Confederate cavalry officer. 
I finally made it to my room, and put on my gown, which was this cotton
number, red with blue oak sprigs. I had made it some years ago.  I wore it a few times before I lost my


Dreams, in some people’s minds, are transporting devices that take one to the astral plane, or if you’re stoned, the half-astral. 
The witches of old used to astral travel to their Sabbats and
esbats.  I have a theory about how they
did it.  They would smear the lower part
of their besoms with flying ointment (the part that was shaped like a phallus
and hidden by the twigs) and masturbate with it.  The ointment would soak into the moist mucous
membranes of their vaginas, and whoop! They’d be off to the Sabbat, where they’d
dream the encounter.  Just imagine what
these sexually repressed women would be visualizing.  Wild stuff, I’m sure.  Our modern TV shows would have nothing on
these women’s imaginations.  Flying
ointments had in them such tasty ingredients as deadly nightshade, henbane, and
belladonna.  Overdose and it was one bad
trip, and the last thing you’ll ever dream. 
In other words, it was a quick trip to the Summerland, and the 14th,
15th, 16th, and 17th century’s version of a
morgue.  For a fatty base, they probably
used either goose grease or lanolin from the wool they worked with.  I don’t believe they actually used human baby
fat.  That was just something the witch
hunters threw in to make them seem more horrific.  The women were being tortured, so they’d
agree to anything the inquisitors’ sick minds came up with.  As you know, Torquemada came up with the
Spanish Inquisition.  The hunt for
Witches gathered strength after the publication of “Malleus Malificarum” in
1484.  If you can remember who wrote
Malleus Malificarum, you get a cookie. 


They were Germans, we know that, and the Germans were the most savage and barbaric of the Witch hunters.  The Spanish
Inquisition has nothing on the Germans. 
Whole towns and villages were put to the stake from the 15th
into the 18th centuries.  The
only thing that stopped it was the encroachment of the Age of Enlightenment and
Reason, wherein they decided that the women who claimed to be Witches were all
insane.  The reason we are bringing this
up is that the Astral Realms are not always lovely friendly places with nice
friendly beings.  There are plenty of
what I like to call “astral nasties.” 
The two monks who wrote that book are probably still roaming the astral
plane, hassling Witches who travel there. 
There are many dangers on the astral plane.  There are not only ghosts of the nasty humans
who died, but creatures of all sorts, that would make Stephen King’s, Clive
Barker’s, and H.P. Lovecraft’s creatures look tame by comparison.   Stephen wants me to talk about hungry
ghosts, so I will.  They are from China
and Japan, but a ghost doesn’t have to be from China or Japan to be ferocious
and hungry, greedy for power.  One such
spirit is the shade of Adolf Hitler.   


The Cthulhu mythos is full of astral nasties.  The creatures of H.P. Lovecraft are extra-dimensional creatures.  Dreamlands are part of the astral
realms.  Stephen has always been
fascinated by the lands of Ylang and the Dreamlands.  Stephen is still fascinated by the dark.  I’ve been dark most of my life, but 28 years
and a little over 3 months ago, I was forced to develop a light side, because
at that time the light of my life was born, my daughter Janvier.  Raising her was a revelation.  She has a healthy darkside too, how could she
not with me as her mother? But she’s still the light of my life.  Since then, although I’m still dark, I have
developed an appreciation for my light side. 
One of the actresses who portrayed Mary Queen of Scots for our guild
always called me her ”sweet bright spirit”. 


If you are a member of the other 5 Adventures in the Astral Realms groups, you know that the astral realms are huge. 
They cover not only this planet, but all the other planets circling
around other stars.  They cover every
landscape, not only the real ones, but also the fictional ones.  There is a #10 Baker Street in a fictional
London.  In case you just landed here and
don’t know what that is, it’s the rooms and office of Sherlock Holmes, the
hypervigilant detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle.  He roams the astral too so if you are being
chased by an astral nasty, call on him, along with Dr. Strange.  Every mythical or fictional character roams
the astral realms, for after all, this is where they were born, it being only a
very short trip to everyone’s subconscious, and to Jung’s collective
unconscious.  I mentioned Dr. Strange up
there, and the reason was that his encounters with earth’s enemies take place
on the astral plane.  


Pathworking is a form of astral astral journeying, also known as traveling on the planes.  You can use a Tarot card to do
this.  Like I’m doing right now.  I selected the Page of Coins.  The Page of coins is a rather androgynous
looking young person, richly dressed with a gemmed headband.  Beyond hir is a tree.  S/he stands as though a guardian of this
place.  S/he could also be an astral
guide.  Beyond hir are fields and
meadows.  There is also a river lined by
bushes or shrubberies.  All I could see
were fields of green marijuana plants. 
Oracle cards can be used as well; anything with a scene will work.  When we walk along the river with our astral
guide, what do we find?  Who do we meet?
Not all interdimensoinal beings are evil, either.  It runs about the same proportion as people
on earth.  Do your own research.  Don’t take our word for it.  It doesn’t matter whether you’ve read with
the deck or not.  Throw the canned book
meaning you’ve worked so hard to memorize out the window.  You’re not doing a reading, you’re astral
traveling. It doesn’t matter what the card means.  What matters is what you see when you’ve
stepped inside the card.

You can also meet fellow astral travelers while astral traveling.  Again about the same proportion of evil to good people as on planet earth.  A lot
depends upon your attitude.  If you’re
sure they’re evil and hostile and act hostile towards them, they’re going to be
evil and hostile towards you. That’s a version of the mirror image effect.  Things you encounter are not separate
entities, but different aspects of yourself, that are sentient.  It’s like the different characters in your
dreams all being parts of you.  It’s also
related to the Doppler effect and the shadow effect.  Your shadow is the personification of all
your repressed and unexpressed qualities. 
If your intuition senses a separate being, then it is a separate being,
not you yourself in another form. 


If you try to communicate with someone you encounter on this plane, 1. you’ll be successful 2 the connection can be severed and something like an electric shock
hits your body and bounces you back, 3 nothing happens.  If you have any other scenarios, we want to
hear about them.  I have one:  4:  You
develop a relationship with this person, and you become astral pen pals.  We would like to hear about your own personal
encounters with astral entities other than yourself. 


Astral projection is one of the more common psychic abilities.  It is also taught by the more prominent magickal orders such as the Order of the Golden Dawn, IOTA, Fraternas Saturni,
and the OTO, as well as most, if not all, of the traditions of Wicca and
Witchcraft.  This is a very popular
topic, with hundreds of books written on the subject, including book(s) written
by the indefatigable writing team of Denning and Phillips.   Astral travel is also known as OOBEs Out Of
Body Experiences.  It’s supposed to be a
really difficult process, but my shaman teacher ladyoflove taught me to just
visualize where I want to go, and go there. 
Isaac Bonewits in his Real Magic [sic] and Authentic Thaumaturgy goes
into elaborate detail about OOBEs. 
Stephen personally prefers the term “astral projection”,  but OOBE is the commonly scientific term, but
Stephen likes the ancient terms.  Stephen
thinks the term OOBE is about 50 years old, and originated in the paranormal
movement with Robert Monroe’s books. 
Stephen met Monroe once.  How far
back does the term “astral projection” or “astral travel” go?  In the ‘80s, the actress Shirley Maclaine
promulgated OOBEs heavily.  How about if
you do some research into Ms MacLaine’s work in OOBEs?  Get back to us here on it.  I didn’t read any of her books because I was
sure that they were the usual kind of claptrap that celebrities write.  After all, I had known about this stuff since
at least the mid-70s, and I was sure that I was a Jennie-come-lately where that
was concerned. 


There are many astral realms.  One of the realms is Da’ath in the Abyss.  Stephen
thought that Da’ath was the Abyss.  I
explained to him that Da’ath is in the Abyss, in the same way that Vatican City is in Rome,
but it’s not of Rome.  It could well be one of the places one goes when
one rises on the planes.


The next time I call Isaac Bonewits, I’m going to ask him if he goes off on astral jaunts while the chemo needle is in his arm.  
I know that if I, Goddess forbid, ever had to submit to the chemo
needle, that’s what I’d do.  That or read
a book.  I think that when I had to go
under anesthesia to repair my ankle almost 2 years ago, that I astral traveled.
  I called Isaac, but he didn’t


Many people have had near death experiences, which Stephen considers to be astral projection.  In the auto accident in
which he sprained his shoulder, the Goddess Brigit appeared to him and told
him, “Your time has not yet come.  You
are My son.”  On June 7th,
2008, I was at a Masonic dinner, when I had a GERD/gas attack.  I got up to go see whether the ladies’ room
had a couch I could lie down on.  I
remember lying there, and thinking that couch was awfully hard.  I opened my eyes only to find all these
worried Masons looking down at me.  That’s
as close as I’ve gotten to an NDE. 


Thus we see that we may astral travel either voluntarily or involuntarily.  Do share with us your astral projection and astral travel experiences. 


Here’s the situation:  Jason Rosenthal, probably a Christian Republican,  the new CEO of
Ning, intends to put the Ning networks on a paying basis.  That means no more free networks, no more
joining other people’s networks for free, either because you know that the
owners of the paying networks are going to pass their exorbitant costs onto
us.  What do you say to that?  Make a noise, make a big noise.  Make a noise so big and loud that Rosenthal
can hear it.  The next noise he’ll hear
is the thundering of many footsteps as we all leave.  We have to fight for our rights.  We can’t let assholes like Rosenthal dictate
to us.  This kind of fascist BS should
not be allowed to happen.  We should do a
letter writing campaign to fight this a-h. 
We have to fight this biotch.  
This fascist crap cannot stand.  We
have to get going right away. If everyone protests, it’ll make him go broke and
he’ll be fired.  We got support for our
position from an unexpected quarter.  A
friend of mine, whom Stephen can’t stand, both because of his politics and his
lovestyle (he’s a Reagan Republican and a Gorean) said that what Rosenthal was
doing in phasing out the free services was a bad business decision.  “People would be coming to him from the free
services to get the premium paid services, but he’s cut that part of his Market
out.  He should keep both.”    Let’s boycott Ning, and any of the networks
that cave-in to his Gestapo tactics.  If
any network says you must pay to play, just say no, and get all your friends to
say no too.  Spread it around, tell
everyone you know.  Don’t keep it a
secret.  I have been sending my blog to
all the Ning networks I’m on.  “We have
to stop this neo-Ning fascism,” says Stephen.


We need at least $3000 to move. 916-455-2267 is Stephen’s number for multimedia readings. Just 93.75 readings would do the trick.  Don’t stand by and figure that your neighbor
or your friend will do it, so you don’t need to.  We need your donation too.  Every little bit helps.  Don’t forget that you can donate to Stephen’s
Paypal account.  Also call 1-800-ASK-KEEN and ask for
Stephen6580.  Or call 1-800-280-8496.Stephen
1580 Stephen now has.$250 in his account which is not enough to pay rent.  


One of the psychic reading services that Stephen works for has changed hands.  Zodiac (Celebrity has changed hands and names.  It is now Psychic
Power.  They are recruiting new readers.
Stephen gets $50 for anyone who signs up and $100 for someone who signs up and
racks up 500 minutes.   


Now I’m in need of readings too.  I need to put in my share of our moving money.  My
PayPal account is  For a donation of $5, I’ll send you a copy of
one of my books, and for $32, I’ll give you a reading by phone. For $20, I’ll
send you a copy of all five of my books. 
 916-457-7476 is my number.  I can’t give you a multi-media reading,
because I don’t have my webcam and headset hooked up yet.   For
that, you’ll have to call Stephen at 916-455-2267.


Our friend Julie Maahs has a book out called the Serpent and the Stag.  It can be found at  I urge you strongly to buy a download, and tell your friends.  She is publicizing it
through viral marketing;  or what used to
be called word-of-mouth advertising. She’s directing the book towards a Pagan
audience.  It’s  a murder mystery with nice contorted twists
and turns.  When I read it, I saw it as
though it were a movie and I was the lighting director/art director.  If you review books, contact her at and she
will send you the free coupon code so you can get a free download.  She wants a copy of the review, so send her a
copy.  I sent her a copy and also posted
it on Blogger. 


We’re sorry that we haven’t been around much, but March was a really bad month for both of us.  There’s been a lot of stress
around here.  The putties have been
expressing it by either barfing or eliminating everywhere except where they
should.  Stephen has been getting his
sick migraines.  I just recovered from a
bout of walking pneumonia and the boogie woogie blues.and high blood pressure,
in spite of the blood pressure med I’ve been taking the past year and a half. I
still have a nasty cough that makes me sound as though I have what used to be
called consumption.  At least I’m no
longer either whooping or gasping for breath like I was for a few days.  I’m sure I got this illness because my immune
system was down from all the stress I was under.  At least I can function through it better than
when I got it 32 years ago, when I would come home from work, eat something,
and plop into bed until the next morning. 
Then, during that attack of pneumonia, I had body aches and a
fever.  My skin hurt.  But in this bout I’m not as sick.  It’s just that Dr. Jones wasn’t happy with
the amount of air my lungs were taking in. 
She asked me if I were wheezing. 
Not this time around.  At least I
didn’t notice any.  


We still don’t have a house-mate, but because I re-ran that ad in the SN&R last Thursday, I expect some nibbles soon. 
The very people we want to attract as a house-mate are scared to live
here because of the neighborhood.  Well,
I’ll tell you about neighborhoods.  Every
neighborhood is at risk now because gangs have wheels and money.  No neighborhood is safe anymore.  I’m a woman, and I feel safe on this street.  One of you must know someone in Sacramento who needs a
congenial cheap place to live.  We have
an 11,000 volume Pagan/magickal library, a long slender backyard, a fire
circle, and a cauldron.  We have
satellite TV too and a workshop where you can pursue your craft or artificer
dreams. Stephen just renewed his craigslist ads today, and I’m going to do it


There are five putties we need to give up.  Ordinarily I would’ve said “free to good homes,” but a very wise friend
told me this past weekend that we should charge something for them so that the
prospective owner demonstrates that s/he has enough disposable income to care
for a pet.  So we’ll charge the nominal $10.  We’re looking for people who love cats as
much as we do. 


We greatly fear that Isaac Bonewits, founder of the ADF, and foremost Neo-Pagan, may be dying.  We are trying to keep a
positive spin on this in line with the Secret, and the Law of Attraction, but
his doctors are not hopeful.  They came
out and said , “This man needs a miracle,” so we have been doing rituals
towards that end.  We talked to Brigit on
the Goddess phone and everything.  I
realize full well that losing many people that you love is the price of longevity,
but I’ve lost too many recently.  To lose
Isaac on top of losing Robin Goodfellow is just too much for me. 


  .      .    























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Thanks for sharing, very interesting I am sorry to hear about your friend.


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