Dear Everyone
I've had some dreams recently where I astral projected. I did a session on EFT Healings Begins Now with forgiveness, and since then have had a few dreams about confronting people I was angry with. One time I talked to my ex boyfriend and had a nice chat with him. I found myself in my public high school that I went to for one year before going to boarding school. Somehow I knew I was dreaming and forced myself to wake up. I felt a whooshing sensation before I came to. What do people think?


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It sounds exactly like you astral projected. I know I can when I sleep. I was in Spain a while back, trying to sleep off some serious jet lag. I was asrally projecting all over to see the sights, when a dog start barking and growing at me. Startled the crap out of me and I flew back into by body so hard I had a head ache for days.
I believe it is a natural thing for us to do and once we recognize that our subconscious taps into it and off we go. Let the fun begin.


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