Welcome to Adventures in the Astral Realms 7! We're glad you could make it! This group will discuss everything to do with the astral (and if you're stoned, the half-astral) except dream interpretation (and Stephen would say dreams are included because he likes lots of overlap between his groups).

I would like to start by describing my astral temple. It is a cross between a sultan's throne room from the Arabian Nights and a Sumerian ziggurat. Stephen's is a druid's nemeton. The nemeton is a Druid's grove. It is square, and made from tree trunks or posts. The Cymric (Welsh or Briton) version is the square or rectangle, and the Irish version is a wood-henge, with the posts arranged in a circle.

There are different astral realms: There's the realm of the 76 maiden, the realm of the Akasha, the 4 realms of the Qabalah: Assiah, Yetzirah, Briah, and Atziluth; Valhalla, Xanadu, Shangrila, the Dreamlands of H.P. Lovecraft, Realms og the Old Ones, Realms of the Dead, Tir-Na-Og,Land of the Blessed, Island of Women, the Celtic Otherworld, the Celtic Underwrld, Nifelheim, and Stephen's realm the Half-Astral. The Bodhi-realm, and the sexual realm; the booty-realm. the realm of angels, the etheric realm,
faery realm, the medicine realm, realm of kami spirits, for the Chinese, the celestial realm, dreamtime. There are many other realms. Please post with your personal favorites, if there's any we missed.

Then there are the means to get there, commonly called by professionals in the field, "traveling on the planes". Stephen says I should list Pan Am, TWA, Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue. But seriously folks, astral projection which can be used to travel from one realm to another, or sephira to another.

Something puzzling happened to me today that may or may not be on topic, but Stephen thought I should mention it to you guys. I had been attempting to IM with this guy for at least two days, I'd say Hi! as a way of breaking the ice. Suddenly he started accusing me of playing games, trying to hack into his account, spam him, etc. I said that all I wanted to do was get to know him. He's part NA, and acquainted with the ways of medicine and healing, but if he was going to take that hostile accusing tone with me I would delete him from my buddies list. I did so. I thought that would be the end of it. He accused me of being crazy. I said I had a therapist, perhaps he needed one too. I got rid of his window and he finally stopped messaging me, but not before I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth. His behavior, hostile, paranoid, accusatory, reminded me of that of a friend of mine for awhile. It was one reason I tended to avoid her, and we ended up friends only after she'd made several friendly overtures to me. You see, for awhile she had used speed, crank, whatever you want to call it, and it definitely has a detrimental effect on the personality. If he uses that, I consider it to be no loss, his loss, in fact. For every guy that I delete from my buddies list, two more pop onto it. If you have a different possible explanation than my suspicion, please let me know.

Back to astral projection. I use a very simple means of astral projection/travel. I simply visualize the place and I am there. I don't bother with visualizing my etheric body near the ceiling and getting into it. I'd never get any place then, because I simply can't do it. It doesn't happen that way for me.

Stephen starts by going through his relaxation exercises. This jibes with my process so far. You have to be extremely relaxed for astral projection/travel to be successful. He then does deep breathing exercises. This is especially important for him, since as an asthmatic, easy breathing is a challenge for him. Third is to have his arms down at his sides in the dead man pose, which was also used extensively by Uncle Al, who, if my memory serves me right, was also an asthmatic. Uncle Al used a Turkish pipe tobacco mixed with opium, which was called perique, in an effort to ease his bronchial tubes, and thus his breathing. He also used this and tincture of perique as a tool to aid in astral projection. Or since he was getting stoned, perhaps he was going to the half-astral. I do not condone the use of any opiate, but it's a fact that he used it. For myself, I favor shrooms mixed with honey. The honey is an ancient technique to coat the esophagus and stomach so that you don't barf up the shrooms as the alkaloids can upset the G-I tract. The next step is creative visualization of the realm he wants to visit. Meditation is another technique for astral projection, it is a technique which I call going within. Another technique is through riitual dance, much in the same way that a shaman enters the trance state. Use of psychotropic drugs is very effective when used for astral projection. It's too bad our rather puritanical government has passed laws against our altering our consciousness in this way. Rising on the planes has subtley different steps from the "ordinary" form of astral projection, such as meditation or ritual dance or focussing. The use of such visual devices as the Tarot is a very important tool. The use of this, however, is a relatively recent practice. It only dates back to the 18th century, when de Gebelin equated the 22 Trumps with the 22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet. The style of the artwork of The Book of Thoth was created expressly for rising on the planes and pathworking, especially if you happen to be under the influence of cannibinoids or Uncle Al's personal favorite opium.

Stephen wants to thank all of you for calling him at 916-455-2267 and ordering a divination reading or a class. For just $31.95 you can have either a reading using one of Stephen's myriad decks/tools of divination, or a class on any of a myriad of topics in the vast area of magick. With webcam and voice on Yahoo IM, Windows Live Msgr, or Skype, it's almost like being here. Some of you couldn't choose, and wanted both a reading and a class, for example a reading and then a class on divination, or two classes, or two readings, as long as they are on two separate different topics/questions for just $59.90. And you deposited the fees to Stephen's Paypal account at abbottsinn@gmail.com. You also used Stephen's Zodiac referral number and communicated it to all your friends and everyone else you know. 1-800-280-8496 is the number.

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