For most of my life, I have had an affinity with metals. Steel, iron, mercury and silver being my favorites, yet this does not mean I wish to sound as if i am excluding the others, in fact I cherish them all. each one has its own way, its own structure and texture and energy.

each resonates and contains tonal qualities that differ from the others.

My research lately has led me to believe, that in many cultures, those that are consistently labeled as "advanced" , the shamans may have been very important with the development of metal tools.

there is a strong legend about how the Japanese received the method to which they construct the samurai sword, it was brought to a shaman in a dream by the spirit known as Kitsune or as most will know it, the Fox.

the blade created by this knowledge is still held as a national treasure by the Japanese,
now many people whom have spent and extended time in a forge can tell you that its like mixing drumming, bells, dancing, fire gazing and a sweat lodge all into one. There has been much shown in old swords of Europe, especially those of northern Europe, that there was heavy usage of Rune work and other Occult practices that went into sword making prior to the advent of the Catholic Church enforcing the creation of Monosteel (blades made from one type of steel) blades. prior to this, many blades were made with pattern welded steel, much like the Katana is still crafted today.

there are stories about blacksmiths in Europe who see a redheaded spirit while in the trance of smithing, the evidence is that this may very well be the spirit of the metal, or perhaps it is some spirit of Sword crafting.

In japanese legend, when a Kitsune takes on the form of a human, some times they are red heads.

I am not saying that these are the same spirit, as i work in both the northern trad and atleast a handful of japanese spirits.

but i will say, that before i began this journey of discovery, I had a dream, with a strawberry/light red haired freckled girl who "smelled and felt" like a fox.

-till I understand more,

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In my region Heathen smithies naturally associate with Loki =)
Some of us that still forge and make things do not forget the ways of finding and learning of the elements combined. For when the red of fire is right and the dance of arm and beat of hammer draws near the sight of what will be is seen within the that holds it. Sometimes what is seen will never be explained till the items born and comes forth from the artist's hands. Guided by whom or what few ever understands.

I always wish I could just go to a smithy and have something made for me but that kind of thing is not as easy to do. I do hear that some places have one for horse shoes and such but that is it.

depends on where you are, there are many smiths still working. i know of two or three in my city alone.


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