While it's not a path that I am personally interested in persuing, I've always been curious to know more about it and about why people feel drawn to it.  The few sites that I have found about it are mainly created by Raven Kaldera fanatics and really only have information about him, or only explain why it's evil.  I'd rather get my information from someone who practices it.  Anyone?

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Thank you for replying, Freyja's Man. Good to see I'm not the only one interested... lol

That has generally been my experience as well, although I've heard from many who are also sworn to Odin and Freyja claiming that this is the "Satanism of Heathenry". I only have a basic knowledge of what I think it is, and that is that they are a sect of Heathenry that gives honor to the jotuns, etins, thurses, etc., but that doesn't tell me much about why, ya know? So, before I make any judgements about how I feel about Rokkrtru, I'd like to get as much accurate info as possible.
Raven popularized Rokkrtru, but the word Rokkr was coined by Abby Heladottir.
Hello Sarah and Freyja's Man,
Sorry this took so long for me to notice, college can take its toll on time. A way of looking at the idea of Rokkrtru is that there are the three "sects", Asatru, Vanatru and Rokkrtru. a very simple way of looking at these three sects is that there is the warrior/war age sect (Asatru), the Emotional/ farming/ranching age sect (Vanatru) and the primal/elemental age sect (Rokkrtru). there are a few that suggest that why these three sects exist, is that they are based on a chronological evolution of the north faith which would be primitive animism/nature based to farming/horticulture based and on to hearth/war based times.

with that said, I work in the Rokkr area primarily because i deal more in the natural elemental force range. even though i have worked within the other two from time to time (Heimdall is one of my better friends) but working with Angrboda, Hel and Loki is what i do. For me these beings are who i can associate with and work with to achieve the goals that work best for the both of us. Being a shaman, there may be another connection, though this would mostly be with Hel.

and yeah, there is a lot of stuff by Raven and there are a lot of people that would rather like to see the Rokkrtruars dead because they cannot fathom the fact that many Aesir were born Jotun.
As i recall, Loki is Odin's "blood brother" as in they have made that pact. Loki also is said to live in Asgard some of the time, which would show that he has been accepted as an Aesir.

Personally, while he is a "trickster" god so to speak, he is as diverse as any other norse god. There is his usual side, the trickster, his fatherly side and of course his vengeful side when he tricks Hod into killing Balder as vengance for Odin taking his children (Fenrir, Jormangandr and Hel) and almost killing his wife at the time, Angrboda.

to this end, I see him as someone that has never denied his bloodline, has never tried to hide himself or be something that he is not (shape shifting doesn't count). he is strong and is connected to fire and the sacred forge (I do a bit of metal working so i work with him and the Japanese Kitsune on my projects).
Thank you, Kane, for the wonderful explanation! I think I have a much better understanding of it now.
I like your "ages" theory, however, I would say there are far more sects than those 3. Some of those have nothing to do with the Aesir/Vanir, or their adversaries (I dont like to use the term Rokkr).

I have known folk that looked at the adversaries as 'evil,' and have known those that look at them not as evil, but the other end of the balancing scale. In the later, they often feel that while they may not be evil, they will be fertilizing the 'new world' with the flesh of my (or 'their') folk. This alone makes them an adversary (at that point in time, whenever that may be) until the ragnarok however, they are not adversarial.

Most of the folk I know look at ragnarok as the product of the actions of the Ase and Van. Foreknowledge of the results of certain cycles led some of the Ase to try to cheat the system, which led to actions that may be the catalyst (binding Fenris etc...). Some others feel that ragnarok is the direct result of Odin and Freyja claiming souls, instead of letting them be reborn. I am sure we could probably sit and list all the different ragnarok theories all day long, but those are some of the most common I have heard.

I happen to feel that if the new all-green is fertilized by the blood and flesh of my folk, my 'side' is already chosen for me. Of course, I dont look at ragnarok as a singular objective occurance. In other words, I dont necessarily feel it is 'a' something thats going to happen, but many things that happen on different scales.

hmm, well i know i have taken almost an entire year without much of a posting on this, but within this year a fair amount of growth and development has occurred, as well as my meeting with other practitioners, Lokeans and my own experiences as a shaman.

Personally, I am like Hrafnbjorn, I do not like the term Rokkr, as it was coined by some people seeking to be "the dark side" of heathenism and Asatru. I know that Jotun, like any population or group covers all ranges of light or dark, approachable and aggressive.

As I pointed out before, the Jotun are more of the primal, nature and element based beings. Loki, known as a trickster, I feel is more a god of Fire, Passion and creativity as well as like his blood brother and the mother of three of his children, a shapeshifter. Hel is the goddess of the dead, she is half mortal and half immortal, she is compassionate about the dead and deals with the living only when needed or asked by those who honestly wish to hear what she has to say. Angrboda, the Hagia of the Iron Woods, mother of Fenrir, Hel and Jormangandr, is a hunter and warrior. she is a strong woman who teaches the sacredness of the hunt and of combat, the acceptance of those that may have differences physically and mentally, and a powerful sorceress and runemaster (both futhark and jotun).

There is a whole group more that i could list, but that is just a quick example of the Jotun, and even if many say there is a gap between them and the Aesir, I have personally experienced a warm, sometimes weary appreciation of eachother, especially when you get a group of spirit horses each being ridden by a different norse god at a ritual like Yule or the wild hunt or solstices. 

This impression that they are the "devils" of heathenism is not only biases of the lore being possibly tainted by the christian monks and converts that wrote down the lore, but also that many modern heathens become heathens and still hold onto the issues of their previous religions or ideas.

for the record, I personally feel that the entire ragnarok lore is potentially an entire christian fabrication, not just on the discord in the lore, but the wording and symbolism of that specific piece of lore.

after thought i meant to add: I work comfortably with jotun, Aesir, Vanir, Alfar,etc, alike.


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