I found this group, and wanted to ask for the insight of the group members. First I need to give some background about myself, and I hope to offend no one with this background.

About 25 years ago I first encountered writings about the ascended masters. In the new age community, I started meeting more and more people who claimed contact with the ascended masters. A few had such simple, pure sincerity, that their discussions were just amazing. One person in particular stands out. I always felt a presence in her house, and whenever she talked about the ascended masters or angels, that loving presence would grow.

These individuals though quickly became an exception to what I found. I have met a number of individuals who claimed contact with the ascended masters that just set of my ick-dar (kinda like gay-dar, but it goes off when a person is toxic or just off in some why). There were also people that just didn't seem sincere (again, warning bells). Around the new age community, there seemed to be more and more people claiming contact, and for a lot of them, warning bells just went off.

Add to this the information channeled. First, let me say that I have a mistrust of people who make a living from channeling information. Yes, it sets off warning bells for me. With the channeled information, I also saw so many conflicting ideas, dogmas, and information.

Then there is the idea of the hierarchy. When I was younger, it was an interesting idea. As I grew older, I started questioning this complex business like model of the universe. I just can't see the divine source as the CEO of some cosmic corporation.

In regards to conflicting channeled information, I've been told that we get information in a form that is easy for us to understand. A convenient excuse, but one that ultimately doesn't make sense. Why would the ascended masters try to confuse us?

In regards to the hierarchy, I've gotten similar answers, but they end with, it's far more complex than we think. Why does the universe have to be complex? I've always thought it was simpler than we perceive.

I am a scientist and a pagan. There is a lot that I can accept on faith, especially when I have experienced things that I can not demonstrate in science (personal knowledge vs. public knowledge). But answers such as the ones above just beg the question for me, why the maddening differences in channeled information? Now, my questions to the group are not about the ones above. This is still background for my actual question.

In short, over time, I have become quite skeptical. I believe that there are ascended masters, but I'm skeptical about all the recent (past 10 years) information.

Recently, the topic of ascended masters came up. I realized that I immediately shut down. Thinking back to earlier experiences, the shutting down was not what I wanted. I never felt called to an active contact with the ascended masters, never really sought my personal ascended master. I just remained open. Now I realize that whenever people start talking about their ascended masters, I'm just not open.

So, my request to the group: I'm looking for your wisdom and guidance. What are your experience with people who claim connection: do you meet people you just don't trust when they talk about it? What is your sense (not channeled information) about the ascended masters? Ultimately, I'm looking for your stories and wisdom. Any guidance away from skepticism is also welcome.

in love and light....

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