Do you think that your sign effects your ability to project? As a Virgo and Earth sign I have alot of difficulty and was wondering if there was any connection. Has anyone experienced the same and how did you overcome?

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Hi Shadowdancer! As another Earth Sign (Capricorn), I can TOTALLY relate! In fact, I answered some questions for Anthony, a Taurus (the other Earth Sign), here on this thread:

And before I go further, I will tell you that once Virgos are astral traveling and doing astral work, they are some of the best I have seen! So don't give up!

For those of you who wish to know signs:

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagitarrius
Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water Signs have the easiest experience leaving the body, but they also can be overwhelmed with their empathy and pick up much negativity, as well as lose focus. The Air Signs can easily lose focus too, and get distracted. Fire Signs seem to have a pretty good mix of the ability as well as keeping away negativity, but sometimes even they can lose focus. Earth signs have the most focus, but it takes the longest to learn. However - once they do, they can accomplish much more in a shorter time due to focus. Also, as other threads here say, everyone's experience is different, and as a Virgo, you might think you are doing it "all wrong" hehehe! Your sensations may be much different, but here is the deal - can you accomplish the same thing as others even if you don't have "clairvoyance" or some other natural talent? Always work on developing these, but don't worry if they all don't come in at one time - and some might not ever arrive - as long as you can do it in your way, just go with it! :-)
You're right on one count.......I'm a Scorpio and I have never had any trouble with AP until I finally learned what it was. Even then, I did it again the other night for the first time since I found out, so apparently I don't struggle with it as much as others. I'm still working on the control...........both while I'm out and in the getting there; for now, it seems to be up to my body. I tried to suppress the sensation about ten years ago, but it was easier to bring back than I thought it would be.

I totally disagrea. I'm a water sign - I've done my astrology chart - I have no planets in any earth signs. I still have trouble with astral projection. I know that I have trouble though because it's hard letting go of the body, when you are so used to the physical world. I have the hardest time with meditation and visualisation - even relaxation - but I know part of that is having a bussy mind still focused on a day of running after my kids and such. I don't think my sign has anything to do with my magickal abilities either - because I know that my abilities go with my spirit to every life and I'm not a Cancer in every life. I'm not stronger in water, because I'm a water sign. Besides - what about the element spirit. I could be strong in the element spirit, and still have trouble separating my spirit from my body, because it's not really about the strength in one element - but the understanding that your spirit is leaving your body and learning to controle it. I just haven't learned to controle it, and honestly - I need more practice - more time to practice, and the impossible to find environmet to practice in.
I would think that if I worried about my sign being the cause of difficulty with astral projection, I'd be setting myself up for failure. I think that difficulties, and techniques that can help are all verry personal. Everyone is different, and what helps or hinders is different.
Hi GypsyCat - don't know how I missed this, sorry about that. I won't say that all water signs have no trouble, but it is more of a generality that water signs have less trouble. Do you have Saturn prominently placed, like conjunct your Sun or Ascendant? That can also make things more difficult, and would be similar to having Earth energy. Also, of the Water signs, I would say Cancer and Scorpio both want to be in total control of things - I bet the minute you trust (and have some time to chill from your busy life) you will have no trouble.

Spirit is an element in the Craft, but not in astrology - Spirit is a combination of the elements, and would likely be more equated with "soul" than physical expression. You are also right about all of us being different - astrology shows us that no one's chart is identical, and they are all as different as our fingerprints are from one another. However, you cannot help but notice certain patterning.

And although you may not be able to astral travel, being a Cancer has many other gifts that transcend our reality. There is much creative energy, as well as amazing intuition, psychic ability and great timing. I would also imagine your empathy is bar none. When properly tempered, these can help you just as much as astral travels if you ask me!
ok - so you are saying it's the personality, not the element? Or an elemental personality? I don't know, sometimes I think giving the signs elemental corelations confuses people. Some people tell me that they are magically stronger in one element because that's what their astrological sign is.
I can't remember where my Saturn was - I lost the chart that I did - it was 9 years ago! All I can remember is Sun- Cancer, Moon- Picies, Mars- Cancer. I think.
Well - sort of ;-) In other words, elements have tendencies that are often strong. However, it is up to us as to how to channel and direct those energies. So why isn't humanity evolved so much as to master all of the elements? Because MOST of humanity's attention is just dealing with mundane matters, and they tend to take the "easiest" path most of the time. This is exactly why it is easy to do a psychic reading - it isn't because the other possibilities disappeared - they are still there! It is because of the person and how they are wired and how they have decided to express that - and that by the time a situation arrives, it is a habit. I hope that makes sense.

I do not see any element as being stronger than another. They are different though - some elements do better in certain situations than others, thus some feeling that there ought to be strength assignments - but it would only be for those situations. In other situations/environments, other elements would demonstrate their respective strengths.

In any event, I do hope that most who traverse a spiritual path are actually figuring out some stuff, and thereby have more mastery over their lives to create what they wish to create. When we do figure this out, we then learn how entrenched some of these patterns can be - but they are not impossible to overcome. If you have chosen a different expression of your elements, then you likely did so consciously at one point, realizing you needed to overcome a weakness in situations in the past and to come out of these with a more positive outcome. Shows me that you are thinking - now the trick is that we cannot always apply those same procedures to all situations, as eventually, there would be situations where the same method would not bring as good of results - so we then modify. Again - thinking! ;-)

You can easily find out your astrology chart free online! Visit and you can get much information - the Free Chart service is what to look for. You can also see some of their initial reports and other stuff - cool site! If you cannot read it (as some things are rather technical) - let me know off-thread OK? :-)
Well Your'e my shadow Dancer! I am a Virgo, You can read about my trip. Blessed bees ! Robn
I'm a fire sign (leo) and i'm able to astral project but not always and it takes time and practice. When i'm projecting i can keep my focus pretty good.

I'm not sure if my sign says anything about my ability to project though.


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