This is the place to share your astral experiences. What are your level of experience?

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Ok, I guess I'm the first...
As everybody I was fascinated by the Astral Projection. I bought a lot of books on the subject and tried to do every exercise and method that they described. Exercises every day, etc...well the truth is that I get to the part to get out, to that very moment when you are almost out...and my heart would run like a crazy horse, and I got the same sensation that you get when you are in a roller-coaster...when you go down...well...what am I doing wrong here people? It is always the same...any tip? I guess I always have the same out spot and that's the chest...but I heard that some people go out from the head, other through the feet...well...where is the door?
When I was a child, I use to float above my bed at will. Sometimes I would go other places, but not for very long. Often I simply hovered. I only rememer snippets. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't get back because I didn't realise what i was doing. I seem to also remember a giddy feeling. Like butterflies in your stomach.
I had the SAME thing, and a few others. I cant do it intentionally now!!! I wish i could
Hey Karagan! Have you tried taking Rescue Remedy before you try? If it helps people that are scared of flying in airplanes, maybe it can help here - just a thought!
I think perhaps you are trying to hard. Know that you can do it. Close your eyes and picture where you want to go. Lets it come natually ^_^

There aren't any particularily memorable tiems for me, I astral to tell friends I will be late or to call me. I astral travel to visit people I love. Luckily I know a lot of pagans who aren't surprised when I show up like that ^_^
Leaving your body is a very scary thing! We are told so many lies... like there are evil spirits waiting to take us over, etc...
There are a few exercises you should try before you start. First is intent. State your intent to yourself, or out loud, that you WANT to have a successful OOBE. Scan through your books, because that will help motivate you, and put you in the proper frame of mind.
Ground yourself... This will help with the racing heart, and mounting excitement.
I do this by doing deep breathing exercises, until my breathing is at a minimum... This usually puts me in a trance state. I like to do this in my bedroom, because I am most comfortable lying on my bed, skyclad. when my eyes are closed, my minds eye is open.. that is, I am seeing my bedroom as if my eyes were still open. I know that I am going to be successful, when I can sit up, or raise my arm, but my body is still lying down... I am raising my astral arm.. for some reason, my arm is my focal point.. when I can raise my astral arm, I know that I have acheived the astral state. I hope this helps.

Brightest Blessings

Is it possible to guage the level of experience? Hmmm...are there degrees? LOL!
I've gone out through my head occasionally but more often than not the sensation is more of simply standing up from myself...or just finding myself ELSEWHERE.
I"ve not noticed the silver cord...but I use a metronome set at 60 bpms (same as the human heart) and the sound has often manifested as a rope which I follow back to my body. (apparently this is Shamanic in nature)
I've tried really hard, but have yet to do it.I don't think. I get to a point that I see my body lieing there then come to witha bangLOL. I' ve been reading on the subject, " Raymond Bucklands, ' Complete Book ofWitchcraft, has alot of info.
I just found this group!!! I am very interested in astual travel. I did it alot as a child, I would see my self across the room, interacting with my parents, mostly when i was in trouble, I would also do it when i was having trouble going to sleep, i would fload above my bed doing flips in the air and stuff. But i quit being able to do it around 12, or 13, then at 14 i read a book that explaned it, and i have been working on it ever sence, over 15 years, later, and havent done it intentionally sence.

SO i cant wait to hear every one elses experiance
blessings to all

I cant tell you why you did, but i can tell you i did it as a child up till about 12 or 13. If I were in trouble i would be accrose the room watching it, it happened many times. And as i recall these events even now it is from across the room, watching like a fly on the wall. I also used to float above my body when i couldnt sleep, i would do flipps and all kinds of great acrobatics. I could feel every motion and i could do it at will. then it went away........then at 14 I read a VERY interesting book about twins seperated at birth, one was raised by the birth mother, and american indian, the other by a family so were else. the one raised with the indians, learned to project and projected to her sister, and taught her to do it.........I am still working on regaining this ablity.
I have never been afraid of it. I try to get it back. It is my understanding that you can go any where you want during projections, if you know how.....Also throw time. Let me know how you do. I have such a small attention span that i have a very hard time following meditations.

The first time I was somewhat successful, I ddnt actually leave my body but I know I was on the astral plane. I was looking down my body and saw six "people" around my legs some where reaching out as if to touch my legs, the others seem to be encouraging me to come out. It didnt scare me although I was not aware that I would see anyone. I read in "Adventures beyound the body" by William Buhlman that he had also experienced this as well and believed that "others: from the astral plane were "tuning" his body to a new frequency for the next plane. The next time I was ready to leave my body I felt the vibrations and a humming throughout my body as described by Buhlman. I got so excited that I zapped right back.


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