i have a Q!
ok can you tell me the diffrance between astro travel and ethric travel and can one remote veiw when in this state? i thought astro was subconscious travle like dream and what not? and ethric travel was a controled travle with working in the realm of ether/spirit and waht are the dangers to ppl who travle astroly i here horror stories of bad trip and the like?

i ethric travle i have not astro travle because of i realy dont want to be jacked with on that plain even tho i always travle with 6 angels as my protection.

any comet on this as to enlighten me i would be happy to read.

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I think if you look on the topic - Types of Projection - The Astral Planes - you might find some answers there.
thx Karagan

read it and it dont explain alot but it dose give a jumping point for refrancese thx for that
the 1st thing i gess ineed to do is spell astal correctly i spelled it astro this aint the jetsons .:) Im a dork at times.

Here is a Q where would remote veiwing come in on the diagram on Types of Projection - The Astral Planes ?
would it be Mental? and have any ethric travled? what dose your body look like when you do? i leaned how to do this in 15 minutes. and is very teachable.

thx Karagan for a cool group i hope to learn from you and otheres here.
Here is what I have been taught - When you go to sleep your spirit leaves the body. It has to, becaus the spirit drains the body, so in order for the body to get any proper rest, the spirit must leave it for a time. The spirit stays conected to the body, so that it can find it's way back. The danger is that, if the conection is severed, the spirit may not find it's way back to the body. Without the spirit, the body will die.
Most of the time when the spirit leave the body, it goes to the Dream Realm - it is relatively safe there - it's not too real. Witches though can unconciously travle to other realms or dimentions in their sleep, including this one. This can be dangerous - if the dream feels too real - eg. you experience more than one of the sences, smell touch, hearing, full color. If it seems real - it could be. If you get hurt there, your body could be hurt too. You simply have to be carefull.
Astral, a.k.a. ethric travle, or out of body travle pretty much happens no matter what - we just lable it that when we do it with conciousness. When you do it in the dream realm - it's called Lucid Dreaming. Remote Viewing is when you do it in this realm and your spirit travles a distance from your body and does a bit of reconisance I guess. Astral can be this realm or others. I mean it's all Astral Travle. I think people generally talk about Ethric travle as going to other realms, or planes, but you generally get to all of them the same way - your spirit leaves your body and your body rests.
That's what I have been taught, anyway.

I know with lots of practice you can learn to do it when your aren't even the least bit tired. Also you can learn to do it half awake, and trancelike, maybe without even closing your eyes. I've heard of people - rarely - being able to astral progect half awake and speak to someone of what they were seeing or passing on messages. Not the same thing as possesion, but could be mistaken for it, because it apears the same to others. Anyway, that's what I have heard.

(Thinking about it - the ability to astral could be conected to the ability to talk with spirits. If you can learn to astral, maybe you can learn to hold that part of your mind open to see and hear the other worlds. Just a thought.)
In regard to remote viewing you have to keep in mind it was a term coined by the scientific community and it's there way of trying to describe astral travel and being taken seriously by those in their community that would laugh at them otherwise.


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