Here is my experience with OBE
I was 35 and at the time working at a homeless shelter for women and children. I already was diagnosed with HIV, so my immunity was lets say fragile. I contracted Chicken pox from one of the kids, I didn't have good medical at the time. So I went into a Free Clinic, was examined and sent off with I B profen and Calamine lotion, I had already started Chinese medicine, and so new of the probable benefits, of Loquat syrup! Not the pharmacy sugar stuff. The real Macouy, Snake Bladder juice! Anyways I was like 1001 temp, chills, weak! I grabbed a cab from China town, San Francisco, back to my Room in the Tender Loin, well named Barrio, Hookers, thief's ,Drunks, , And The Gulf war Riots were happening, so Lots of Drama. I crawled up the stairs to my place drank three cups boiling water to 1/3 cup loquat, jumped in bed under sheets, six comforters atop me! And' drifted into a heavy . After about an hour of shivering, I found my ass on the cold floor? Wait! I mean Wait! I'm still in my bed,cause I can see me lying there above. How the Hell" anyways suddenly I am floating outside the building, in fact now I am six blocks down over the mission district! I can see a used car dealership below me! I can see those colored flags flapping in the breeze ! I can feel the wind ! And here the muffled voices below me! No way can this be really happening?? Then' bang! I am back on my ass on the floor looking up at my body quivering under the comforters and sheets. Trying to figure the hell out how to get my blank blankety blank! body, back in. And then I was back in! I opened my eyes and was sweating profusely, and had nausea. But, at least connected again to my flesh! There it is.
"Loquat the Tea That gives you a lift! literally!"lol, hooting hysterically! GoodRobn

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