I have been wanting to try Astral Projection for quiet some time. I meditate and focus on objects, I can't seem to get to the vibration state at all and could use a little help. Could someone give some pointers I am eager to get started.

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astral projection isn't something that comes easily. It takes time, even the best can only achieve a couple of succesfull projections a year. I'll give you some tips:

don't rush it. Lie down, preferably before you go to sleep, on your bed. Try to get into a sleepy state but try to stay mentally awake. Best way to achieve that is by focussing on something but don't concentrate very hard or you won't enter the sleep stage. You may let your thoughts go but keep the focus.

The trick is to get your body to sleep ánd your mind to sleep but keeping a little part of your consciousness awake.

Some sleep inducing music might help (look for MP3 's that trigger theta waves)

don't give up and keep trying, you'll get there eventually. and keep us updated ;)


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