I need some views on an experience I had awhile back.

Before I went to bed, I wanted to meditate, and try to astral project.( I've been off and on trying to learn)
So I was laying in bed, and I started to get into a relaxed state like how I do when I prepare to meditate. I usually get up to the part with  vibrations in my body feeling, and that's as far as it usually went.

However, this time I kept breathing, saying my mantras in my mind, and I heard this "whoosh" and suddenly I was seeing fragments of people and places. It seemed to go on forever, and yet I knew I was not asleep. After some time, I heard the whoosh again and opened my eyes.It was a very different experience, I was wondering is it lucid dreaming or did I come close to astral projection?
I also had a moonstone underneath my pillow,( I've had it underneath it for a couple of weeks for dream experiments.)

I usually get to the vibrations in my body feeling, and I try to allow myself to rise out, but it seems to be stuck. Like I can feel it trying but for some reason it cant go.

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When I first started to travel I had no control over where I went or how long I stayed. You have a good start. Try in your favorite comfy chair during the day to relax and let your mind go blank. Allowing your spirit to experience calm then see what comes to you. Another way a teacher told me when I first started traveling is place yourself on a mountain top, feel the breeze and the grass under your feet. Sit and wait for an experience to happen.


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