I have so many favorite things that I like about Autumn. These are just a few of my favorite things.

1) Pumpkin Pie
2) Beautiful colorful leafs
3) Cooler crisper air
4) Fireplaces starting up and the wonderful fire smell.
5) Beautiful harvest moon

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i love the way the entire atmosphere changes. it's magic :)
I feel such a boost in energy and creativity! I love the fall, it completely revitalizes me after the sluggish heat of summer! I accomplish more and feel so happy and confident the whole season through. We throw more get togethers and connect with friends and family. The skies are brighter, the fires warm and the air crisp and dr-(ok, it's Florida where I am, we'll go with less humid0.
and i forgot! pumpkin spice lattes and bonfires :D
My favorite things about autumn are finally some cool air as i live in the south it is very welcome. The varied colors of the leaves as they change is so beautiful to me. i some times just sit outside and watch the clouds some how they are different this time of year. Also the baking bug bites me and i have to bake, bake and bake some more.
Going back to school feeling

Family doing the orchards s forth..
Fall leaves

Fall magic feeling


Fall foods...
I love all of that too! So glad it's on it's way.
The smell of the air
The breathtaking colorful scenery
"Warm" foods
The beginnings of withdrawing inside myself for contemplation

I am longing for Fall SOOOO bad right now....I know it's only July but it's all I think about lately.....I get like this every July...LOL! ....The first cool breeze I feel and the first orange leaf I see is like seeing an old friend.....I literally run outside with my hands in the air and tell the Autumn Goddess how much I have missed her and how great it is that she's back...I do many things to welcome her and show her how much she means in my life. Mostly by just savoring all the fall days and never taking it for granted.

1. Soft and cozy blankets and quilts (hand made)

2. The first real fall meal I make: crispy hot pork chops, roasted potatoes, butterd green beans, baked cinnamon apples and some kind of baked dessert...pecan pie, maple bars, a spiced cake...you know.....the smell in the house is AMAZING!!! especially with the scent of cool fall air.

3. a fire!

4. The beautiful colors of the foilage.

5. I always get a magickal feeling of hope and awakening...like I can do anything!

6. Carving pumpkins

7. Halloween and dressing up like a witch...or a faerie...maybe a queen....ha ha!

8. The smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

9. Hot chocolate!

10. The romance <3

11. Fall mums

12. The Harvest of apples, pumpkins, corn....all that yummy stuff!

13. rosey cheeks

14. The sky gets dark and starrey at 5

15. A good nights sleep......finally!

16. candy corn

17. The amazing feeling of magick and peace


I could go on all night...LOL! Can't wait to visit you all in just a couple months!

I think you just made me love this time of year more!!!  Well said/written!
The colors, the clean air, curling up on the sofa with a cup of hot tea or chocolate on a gray & rainy fall day and the new burst of energy that always hits me at this time of year.
You just covered the main 6 things that I love about Autumn!  I love the smell of wood burning.

I love  I adding ot my list here. It is  my Birthday also,  Smell of the leaves is awesome!  Kids go back to school!  Foods On some days neigther the Ac Or the heat is running so it saves on the bills.

 Sky is  cleaear at night.  Garden is full of  Harvest :)


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