What our your  personal feelings of such a season.

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What stands out to me most about Autumn is how it is about creation, preservation and destruction all at once. In order to preserve one must destroy, but more than that one must create from what was destroyed. It's a time for rearranging, for fortifying, for planning, for learning, for celebrating. When you pick fruits, vegetables, and grains you not only bring in food for the winter, you also literally bring the sun inside. Therefore it is the time when the light of the world enters the womb of the earth. It is a time to create internal order, to hold back the growing shadow of outer chaos. This is true both of the home, and of one's emotions. 

I with you on that :)

he·don·ism  (hdn-zm)

1. Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.

Autumn brings out the hedonist in me..

I  think you both it on right on the nail :)  I  aways think of seeking wisdom, family , death and rebirth :


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