Although it is fairly early to begin talking about (American) football I wanted to start the conversation early so that everyone had an opportunity to let the idea stew around in their mind a little bit. And what idea might that be? Well, it would be Fantasy Football!!

Oh, I heard those groans alright! LOL! Hear me out though… ;-)

So why do I play Fantasy Football and why should you? I here are my top reasons why you should give Fantasy Football a try (or try it again):

  1. Simply put, it’s fun! I keep my leagues really simple so that anyone can play (truly), so with all the pressure gone its fun to check on your team at the end of every week. Plus, if you win, you can do some much deserved trash talking!
  2. Two bottom feeder teams normally are nothing to be interested in (unless you are a football junkie). However if you or your opponent have a player or 2 on that team all of a sudden the game takes on a bigger meaning. Plus, it doesn’t matter which team wins as long as your player does well!
  3. It’s a great social activity. When part of a league you get to meet and talk to other people you do might not normally talk to. Yet paradoxically for the very shy certainly no interaction is required…but no matter how shy you are I promise you that reminding someone that your team “SQUASHED THEM LIKE A BUG!!!” is always a very satisfying feeling be you shy or not.
  4. If you do like (American) football it does give the game a different perspective. I run a league at my job and almost everyone commented on how true this point has become for them. Not only does your perspective now include more than your local team, but the league as a whole grows a little bit more.
  5. It’s fantasy!!! That’s right, I played football in high school and at my level of skill I had ZERO chance of getting a scholarship, LOL! That’s okay because now I’m the coach of my own team in my own mind. No good at sports? No worries! Every week you are in charge of a team of warriors ready to do battle at your command!

So if any of my little bullet point monolog has compelled you in anyway then send me a message and sign up!  You’ll have fun…oh yes you will! ;-)

And do not worry if you don’t know (American) football, or even how to play Fantasy Football. The league is super simple to play even without any knowledge of the game or the ins and outs of fantasy league play. Plus, any help you do need I will be right there to help you out all the way.

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More than ready for fantasy football!!!!!!

Excellent,  you are on the list! I would like to get at least 12 people (10 is league minimum), but 16 would be great. I want to give Pagan Space members first opportunity, but if we can't get enough then others are certainly welcome to play. Right now looking at August 20th for "draft day" as well, but that's yet to be determined. Good to hear from you, thanks!

I understand Oriel, no worries. There isn't much activity on Pagan Space these days so I thought making an all pagan fantasy football league would be a way of doing some team building. But that's cool. :-)


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