Brigid's Altar  ~ Brigit Altar

Goddess of Earth, Sea and Sky
Mistress of Wisdom and Inspiration
Come in the Night, and in the Day ~ Be with us

May your Nine-fold Blessings be upon all who enter here
May the Arts of Healing, Smithcraft and Poetry be understood

Hail Brigid ~May You accept this humble homage from us all





                   The Sacred Flame of Brigid continues to burn brightly at Kildare, Ireland.

For thousands of years the Flame burned in honor of the Goddess Brigid,

tended by nineteen Priestesses dedicated to Brigid. Each Priestess tended

the Flame for a single day, and on the twentieth day, the flame was tended

by the Goddess Brigid herself.  The Flame is tended and still burns today.

With the coming of Christianity, the church suppressed the worship of the Goddess Brigid,
but in fine Irish fashion, people simply continued to worship Her as St. Brigid and Her Sacred
Flame continued to burn brightly in Her honor. Today, a Nun tends the sacred fires, at times,
a number of Nuns tend Brigid's Sacred Flame and on the twentieth day, Brigid Herself, still
watches over the Flame and continues to bless and protect Her people, the Irish and Celts .

Brigid protects all those who honor Her as the Goddess Brigid  and Saint Brigit.

February 1st is Imbolc, the Pagan Fire Festival dedicated to the Goddess Brigid.

The worship of the Goddess has been preserved to this day in Christian Ireland,

February 1st is also celebrated as the Catholic Feast day of St. Brigid.

Brigid's Cross is a woven wheel of the year that marks the cycles of Nature and is sacred
to the Goddess. A Brigid's Cross can easily be made from grasses or other plant materials.
This piece is a good example of how the Celts and other indigenous people found ways of
keeping Pagan beliefs of their ancestors alive, despite their forced conversion to Christianity.


Hail Dana

Great Goddess of Healers, Poets, Mystics, and Smiths

Your Sacred Fires burn brightly upon Sacred Altars
Deep in the Earth, Your springs of Inspiration flow
Your Sacred Cauldrons are filled with Herbs for Healing

Forge hammers spark with craft, as Smiths work in Your Honor
Words and Song flow from the hearts of Poets and Musicians
Healers are again turning to Your Sacred Ways with Reverence

May Your Sacred Wells overflow with the Essence of Your Presence
May we always to use the Gifts You grant us . . . with Wisdom
Fill our hearts with the Courage & Kindness of Your Sacred Horses


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Thank you for this lovely tribute to Brigid.
This is lovely!

Beautiful, thank you for posting.

awesome !


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