Hello All!  I am looking for an invocation to Brighid to include in a book about the Solar Feminine.  It explores the connection of certain Goddesses, Brighid being one of them, to the sun.  I would like to include invocations/spells/rituals by others so its not just my own style of chants/invocations.  Anyway, I'm wondering  if anyone would like to submit something.  You can reply to this post or message me.  Many thanks!

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Dear, I'm sorry I haven't been on the site for so long. Did anyone send you anything? Did you look a few entries down under "Ivokation" ( no Pagans can't spell jokes, please ! :O) )  Please, feel free to make use of either of my invocations if your project is still hanging out there unfinished. Andy (alias Questerr Circlestar)


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