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            I would like to begin with a bit of an introduction. I have been a Pagan Druid for a little over a year. I'm a mother and stepmother to six children, married to a wonderful man and have a great Australian Shepherd. Gardening, music, reading, dancing and just talking with my friends are some of my many interests. I sought out the Sacred Path a year ago due to a very difficult time in my life and have greatly enjoyed the refreshing peace that came with finding it. I do, however, feel that I do not adequately know my chosen belief system as well as I should. Coming from a very religious background, structure in my life is almost necessary. I enjoy rituals and, as paganism is frowned upon in my area of the country, have found it difficult to obtain any information about them.

            If someone would help with learning the basics of a more structured Path, I would greatly appreciate it. I understand that most druids discover their own rituals and rites, but I am not that kind of person. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


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There are several organizations that offer courses of study out their. I am currently taking a course from the OBOD(order of Bards Ovates and Druids).

The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids

PO Box 1333

Lewes E. Sussex



Another organization that is really helpful is ADF:

What is the difference between the two?

That is hard to quantify. They are more a like than they are different. Culturally ADF is just more American OBOD is more British. I think ADF is a little more open minded and has more in the way of kindreds and patheons. Keep in mind that this is strictly my opinion. The teaching methods for the dedicant program vary a little. The differences are very minor. ADF seems to be embracing a multi cultural approach by allowing you as an individual to pick from just about any pantheon where as OBOD seems more interested in the history of the British iles. Either way as one who walks the path of Druidry I would recommend either one of these fine organizations.

While I agree with my last answer it really didn't tell you anything. Let's start with The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids aka OBOD. It is an order containing three levels of study the names of which are given in it's title. Each period of study usually will take about a year and is usually completed in order. The first year is that of the Bard or story teller/teacher. Many stop at this point it isn't required to go further. This can be seen as the entry level. If you choose to continue you study on at the Ovate level. Here many different things are studied. Once complete you can choose to stop if you like and are content many are. The final course of study is for the title of Druid. Even with this explanation I have been intentionally vague but accurate. The British love their way of doing things. I will say that their distance learning program is top notch and well supported.

On to ADF or more properly Ar nDraiocht Fein, Our Own Druidry. The approach is a bit different yet similar. We start out with the dedicants path of study. Sometimes known as a year and a day. Yes it is a year long course of study. Once you have completed this year long course you are ready to take up your life. You can continue as a solitary practitioner or join a grove. You can also lean about the many kindreds and other avenues of study to further your learning if you so desire. If you are a reader ADF's website has a very good section of recommended reading broken down by topic.

Also both organization have news letters Touchstone for OBOD and Oakleaves for ADF.

Well Renee I hope this helps you a little :)

Here is a wedsite to an organization that I belong to:

It is full of great information and will help you find many like minded people. Having read your post I would also recommend this book.

It is available thru and will walk you through the dedicant program. It isn't required but will help provide structure.

There are many organizations out their. I would recommend both ADF and OBOD but having read your post I think ADF would be my first choice. Location could have an effect as well. While both are world wide organizations and I would check them both out you may find a local contact to one or the other closer at hand. Both of them have a presence on Facebook as well.


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