Hi Guys!

I'm having some trouble with my faith.

At first I was just Pagan, but then I became involved in a youth church, and became ChristoPagan (unknown to them, they just thought I was Christian).

Then my beloved dog Obie died, and someone told me animals do not got to heaven in the Christian faith, so i backed off from Christianity, and just became Pagan again.

But I feel called to be Chrisitan too, I want to be Christian, but I'm a witch, and to complicate thigns I've just started dating a guy fromt he youth church who is Christian, I told him about my problems, he was understanding but told me to be Chrisitan I 'cannot serve two masters'. I'm really confused now and don't know what I beleive, I know I'm Pagan but I want to be Christian too, but if I go back to ChristoPaganism I'll have to hide my witchyness from the whole church...

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Christopagan doesn't mean you're evil or that you're serving more than one master... geez... To me, Christopaganism can be explained to nons as "you say father, son, holy spirit and ask them to help you as one, I say father, son, holy spirit, and I can ask each of them to help me individually."

Christianity today, besides being almost totally nothing like what it is in the Bible, is nothing like what it was intended to be anyway. We had the divine feminine, the Shekhinah, Asherah, Sophia and Silence. Then the fundies wiped them out of the original faith, then you had Yeshua and Mary M. and Mother Mary, and the fundies tried to run the women out of that faith. Falwell and Robertson had their predecessors too.

I think people get hung up on the stories and not the meaning. He's believing that you have to take that story directly or you're hellfire crispy, we believe to use the biblical teachers and take their message. The word of Christ is more important than the body of Christ...;)

Of course, I speak only for me.

You could join a church more like what you believe, or find other Christopagans to work with. If you're gonna be in a traditional church though, they're probably never going to accept you as is, but then, you could always remind them about that thing about not passing judgment... This is why I don't go to church, but then again, the Bible says its is better to pray by yourself than in public, the prayers are more real that way.

You could try giving him copies of:
The Hebrew Goddess
Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, Bride of God
Christian Wicca
Embracing Jesus and the Goddess
Jesus, Interrupted

Those might help him to understand why you feel differently about faith than he does.

But if he keeps giving you trouble about your faith, dump his sorry butt. There are plenty of men out there with strong mothers who are ready to hear about the goddess and dance in the moonlight with you...

Much love and luck!
Miss Spider Web
Hi there,

when you say you'll have to hide your witchyness... what exactly do you mean?

Let me just quickly share my experience .... both my children attended Catholic schools their entire school-lives and I was very involved in school activities for both of them while they attended K thru 8th grade, I was even president of the PFG board at their school and while I never blantantly flaunted my beliefs, I never completely hide them either. I've always displayed the link to my website on my car which I freely parked wherever & in front/behind whomever at school. Many people have my AOL email and part of my profile is the link to my store and if they go there, it wouldn't take them long to realize that there's more to my person than meets they eye ... LOL

So my point with all this is, that I think you don't necessarily have to hide your TRUE person from anyone or any establishment. IMO, it has largely to do with respect. You respect me & my baggage and I'll respect you and yours.

As for your new friend, if he really likes YOU as a person and is being shown respect by YOU...then it shouldn't matter to him how many master's you serve personally. If you are being his true friend, and not shoving your beliefs, your way of thinking and doing things... down his throat, it shouldn't matter to him what you do & how you do things in the privacy of your thoughts and home.

Anyway...this is just all my opinion :)
Here's hoping you sort things out for your peace of mind real soon :)

Okay, thanks guys for all your help so far.

He's okay with me being a witch, he loves me anyway he says. But the actual youth church may not see it the same way I feel. Which is why i hide my witchyness. I don't even wear my pentacle earrings (I did once, and they got commmented on, I just shrugged it off).

I'm just confused, I want to try to explain it to him, but I dont really understand how it works for myself, I used to have it all worked out, but...it's complicated. He doesnt understand how I can blend two, seemingly opposing (though I know they are very similar underneath!) faiths.

Thanks everyone for your advice!
well. i don't know what to say to the earring thing. i was raised pentecostal (yeah, yeah. i know) and i was told no jewelry. now, i go to a nondenominational church down the road and live with to full out wiccans. i don't hide the fact that i'm a witch. as for having to hide things. maybe that isn't the church you belong to. i don't fit in with the church i grew up around. sad, but true. i tell people what i think. when they ask how i can be christian and pagan i tell them. it's just my opinion so you don't have to agreed, but this is what i tell them; "i believe that all gods are real. in the bible it says 'worship no other gods before me' so i worship any other gods after him." that is what i do. you don't have to flaunt what you believe, like some people i grew up with, but you don't have to hide it either.

my way of thinking is  lot like yours in all honestly I believe in all gods and specifically ones that I  feel are called to myself. I only just recently got involved being a christopagan. And the journey has been hard to say the least dealing with criscism from both the pagan community and old church friends.

I put something up on my facebook that had a little to do with gaia and an old church friend got offended by it....or just did not agree and voiced as such on the link. Which I responded to  that I respected that his views were different from my own.

really I guess with that kind of thing thats the only way you can handle the situation I am going to deal with a lot of people that just don't like it or understand.

My mother is considering the idea of me talking to my pastor about helping me find a job now that I have moved back in town to help myself but since my views have changed some I am not sure if this is a good idea or not. I still attend the church I still like the people there, but I don't agree with everything they do or what they think anymore. And it took me a long time to find myself as a person and I really just refuse to compromise myself for the sake of others.

I have relationships with Yahweh, Jesus, Lilith and the Holy Spirit. But I don't know how many deities that I don't have relationships with. I guess I'm Jewish pagan? I don't tell Christians about my spiritual life. I feel I would offend them, I can't prove my relationships to them. Gospel is "good news," we can have love instead of fear. Jesus sacrificed his life so that we can have a loving relationship with God (Yahweh) and any other spirits that help us. I divide the scriptures into flesh verses and spirit verses. The verses that make me feel fear I consider lies. If they make me feel love, joy or peace I believe they are of spirit and truth.



I realize this has been up here now for a while, but it's the first time I saw it. I'm a ChristoPagan myself, even though my wife says I'm more Pagan, and I talk to a lot of people on the idea. For example, in the 10 commandmants, people always say that you should worship only him, when in fact it says "you shall worship no other Gods before me." That right there should be a clue that he's not the only deity, or it would say that you should worship only him. Just because someone is Head of Household or Man of the house, or whatever you want to use, doesn't mean he's the only one in the house.


Another point I make is that the Bible says man was created from his creator, so how do we know (On the Christian faith side) that we dont have some of the "magik" from our creator in ourselves? How do we know we don't have the power to do things or make things happen? On a similar note, the bible says man was created first in his image, then woman was created later. Where did the image of woman come from, and if God was asexual, why isn't man that way? Why is there 2 different sexes if we were created from the same creator?


One of my favorite points (being into the paranormal) is why Christianity, as a whole it seems, dismisses ghost, hauntings, and the like to something evil, when they themselves talk about the holy ghost or holy spirit. It's countering what they believe, that's one of the reasons I fell out of the church.


In the end, I say that I loosely believe in Christianity to a point. I believe that Christianity is the bases of the Male side of religion. In my opinion. That's where the paganistic side of me comes out. I believe in a Female side of it as well. The bible only talks about males and what males did and preached. They say nothing of women, even though being married to one was a status. I believe that the bible, being wrote by man, had been hijacked by those who would use it to supress certain other beliefs. So I use the basis of Christianity as the God side, and the Wiccan/ Druid side to balance my pagan side. After all, according to the dictionary a pagan is someone who believes in more than one deity. So the whole Trinity thing is, in fact, pretty much a pagan idea.


Just some things to think about with the idea of Christopaganism and how others might view it. In the end though, you have to find your belief and where you stand, otherwise; spirituality means nothing.

I am christopagan as well but I am also a hereditary witch and how we kept out of trouble was going to church, lol!  We incorporated what we wanted from the church and went our merry way. 

ee my reply to the other discussion from someone needing help Let me reasureyou as i proved in the above discussion anyone claiming that Christianity and Witchcraft are incompatable is basing that opinion on bad translation and not on the original text of the bible!


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