After viewing many Youtube videos about making ephemera making some myself from all sorts of crafts leftovers using up bits of papers. Anyone else making ephemera?

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I am getting back into papercrafting, after life got too hectic to craft. What ephemera are you making, if you don't mind me asking? I have an altered book Grimoire that has been neglected mightily lately, and I am exploring youtube for inspiration. Have you seen Herspeak's "Rocking your Grimoire" video? I rewatch it all the time when I feel stuck, or uninspired.

I like videos on making ephemera by Gayle Agostinelli and also the journals she makes. And I like watching Jibid Neary her journals on Youtube same as Gayle. There are more YT crafts ladies who show ephemera.

Made some embellished journaling cards.Made some layered sort of stacked rounds topped with a button.

Seen at Gayle YT but originally by Shannon Green Journaling  by 5s on tags using  nr 1 paints, nr 2  collage, nr 3 stamps and/or stencils , nr 4 images and/or words,  nr 5 doodles. I made some tags inspired on this.

I watched part of Rocking grimoire and yes the mixed media the type of pages looks quite inspirational.

Not paper but in fabric the snippet roll is half done whenever I have new bits scraps I add to it.

Made little fabric stacks  is small scraps different size shape hand sewed together and  I added some to my journals. They also work well to add scent fragrance.

Transparancy tiny envelopes to enclose dried herbs. 

One of my mixed media note books I do try out pages for ideas and use all sorts of supplies for this.

I keep what I make in little boxes by sizes.


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