Making a contract with a crystal or Programming Crystals

It is possible to make a contract with your crystal and other stones to hold a message, work for a specific purpose, to broadcast an affirmation, emotion or energy frequency, enhance protective filters, promote clear communication, deepen meditation and healing work and for an almost infinite number of other purposes.

This is the process often called programming but rather than being a way of programming a crystal as though it were a tool or peace of software this is one form of forming agreements with the crystal for assistance with specific objectives. When I first began studying crystal work I was taught to Program crystals and the Deva did give me an attunement to assist that process. As I became more experienced and intimate with the crystals I pretty much stopped "Programming" crystals and started asking inviting ,communing and forming agreements. This is not is not a mechanical software thing as with a computer but rather a partnership and an agreement between you and the crystal to remind and assist each other in a particular situation or task.

We are not going to impose our will on the stone.
The first key and requirement for any kind of contract is that the crystal or stone be in agreement. Thre natural mission of the stone must fit the intended work. The "program" is a way of fine tuneing and focusing the energies. The stone chooses to accept a program or partnership. The crystal invites you to work with it in that particular way. Any program must be in accord with the innate purpose and energy of the stone. You could call it asking or mutual attunement or even use the older term , enchantment. Never try to program a stone that does not choose to work with you in this way and for the purpose needed. The programming or communion part is a way to connect the person with the particular natural energy and purpose of the stone or to fine tune an affirmation . Use intuition, meditation or a pendulum, oracle cards or other tool to help you determine if the stone is in accord with your intended contract/ program.

These techniques are always to be done with respect for and in harmony with the nature of the stone. First Clarify your desired intention. Know what you want to accomplish. You meditate and tune into the crystal or stone to determine if and that the crystal agrees to and is in accord with your intended ppurpose. Many crystals already have a firmly set purpose. These stones will only help you in ways that are aligned with the stones innate purpose. You are seeking to enhance a partnership and to harmonize and improve your ability to work with the crystal. Programming is not about controlling or imposing your will on the stone. In all cases the stone will also continue its innate purposes.

Before we had computers we sometimes called this process "enchanting" the stones. You respect the crystal and work for the highest good and the crystal will assist you.

The work of the crystal can be either autonomous or activateable. During autonomous agreements the crystal either broadcasts the program continuously or activates automatically when needed , Activatable contracts are mentally activated by intention, request / or when a pre designated time or situation /condition occurs . Often one holds or touches the crystal when intending to activate the crystals assistance.

Crystals which answer to healing requests usually have autonomous programs. Programs for correcting bad habits such as stopping smoking and programs for protection or improving an ambient atmosphere and for general manifestation or projecting affirmations are usually autonomous or continuous.

An activatable crystal contract might be for connecting with your high self , sending energy to someone in labor (programmed ahead to activate when labor begins) to deepen meditation or enhance sleep, to help your memory while taking a test or for any purpose that you do not need constantly .

I received the crystal programming shakti energy from the Crystal Deva in 1991. I think that they wanted to offer a method that was not intimidating or strange to people who were not ready to openly accept crystals as beings rather than things .

This is just one technique just one possible way of helping to create a mutually beneficial relationship. You should have an intuitive sense that it is suitable to program the stone for what you intend before you do so.

After the crystal is cleared if needed, hold the crystal in your hand or touch it if it is too large to hold. Open your mind to sense any intuitive information about the stone. You may or may not become aware of the Deva, the spirit or life force of the crystal. Greet that essence as you would greet any other new friend and receive what impressions you can from the stone.

When you have gotten a sense of the stone ( Do not be disappointed if at first these impressions are vague, practice will improve your ability to commune). Think about what you want to work with the stone for. Do you want it toassist with general or specific healing? for protection? to broadcast an affirmation? Examples are general healing, communication , protection, and so forth. People also program or consult stones for more specific purposes such as to treat a bad back , for confidence at an interview, shield from negative energy, remember material for a test etc. .

When you have decided what you wish to use a crystal for Seek a crystal that feels like it is in accord with your intention. Ask the crystal if this is in accord with its current purpose and if it is willing to carry this program for you . You probably get some sense of the crystals agreement or lack of it. If you do not you will probably learn to sense the answer to these questions in time.
A pendulum can be used to help discern the answer. if you don't have your intuition active yet. If you sense that the answer is no you might deepen your meditative communication and ask the crystal what it wants to do or what work it will do . Be open to receive an answe.r Your intuitive communion with the stone may have already given you a sense of what purpose it is has.
You listening and sensing the stones energy may give you new information and ideas about what it is you need.

If you do not get an answer set the stone aside and come back to it some other time.
Most stones are probably best programmed for a general range of function such as healing rather than a very narrow range.

When you have a variety of crystals you can just announce what you need a crystal for and you will often sense an intuitive response from a crystal or will be attracted to a specific crystal or crystals. which are in accord with your desired purpose.

This process of choosing and meeting the stone and agreeing on the purpose is in some cases all that needs to be done a verbal affirmation of the agreed upon purpose is normally made aloud in your own words . Once you become familiar with this process it can be done very swiftly.

For the following technique you may want to write your program out before hand The rules for affirmations apply, keep it present tense and use positive words only. Programmed crystals can not be used for dishonest purposes. You cannot use a crystal to make someone love you . action and results follow attention and thoughts , focus on the result you want ..

The following is the technique I have found to be very effective and simples.

amethyst goddess crystal The Technique

Once you have selected the right stone and sensed agreement.
ground and center yourself. Clarify your intention, hold the stone in your dominant hand or in both hands. Large stones can be touched rather than held.

Focus your intention on the stone. Clearly state in your mind or out loud what it is you are contracting with the stone. Visualize the desired result as clearly as you can if appropriate. To contract with a stone to broadcast an intention, prayer, desire or affirmation or healing energy you just intend that it do so .
One to five minutes is the standard time to hold the focus though it can be much shorter .
Continue until you feel that the crystal holds the program. Using a shakti can also shorten the time (you would run it as you hold the focus) .

The agreement is now set with the crystal.
You may add an ending intention that the agreement will stay until cleared or completed some people breathe deeply and exhale strongly over the crystal while they focus on the desired agreement. Most people renew or refresh the agreement from time to time.
You can ask and intend that this activate only when you hold it or when you call on it or have it be constantly active, depending on the purpose you are engaging the crystal in.
When you activate an activatable program you just intend to run it. You may find it more effective to hold the stone in your non dominant hand to receive energy / messages from the crystal and in your dominant hand to program or to amplify sending a program or healing energy.

Stones do not have to be held to be activated. Stones programmed for a personal effect are usually carried or placed nearby. Place the crystal under a pillow for dream programming for example .Stones that broadcast affirmations, manifestation programs or atmospherics such as a call to mental alertness or for calm. can be set in a window or on a table, or where ever it feels that they will not be disturbed excessively .

I have read many books that state that how far a given crystal can project its program is directly related to its size. This has not been my experience at all. I have used small crystals for big programs quite often.

I strongly recommend setting aside and making an agreement with a single terminated quartz crystal to help facilitate your connection and awareness of your high self and/or companion Angel and carrying it with you as often as possible.
You can hold this stone while meditating You can also call on a programmed stone to run /receive energy shakti from your high self or Solar Angel The CrystalDeva Empowerments and other crystal attunement systems
include shakti for this but I think most people can connect with their own high self and request this.
Stones active in Channeling High self , Angel shakti , or attuning you to harmony with Divine will cannot usually
be amplified or combined with other programs or shakti ..

If you do not have a particular stone or crystal that you need for a particular purpose you can use a singly terminated quartz crystal and ask/intend that it be charged to act as the needed stone.
Tumbled quartz stones will also work though sometimes The energy may be felt in a more diffused way.
Make sure that you clear any stone you are using as an energetic substitute. when you are done with it.. I always thank the stone before and after the work .

Quartz crystal is the most frequent partner. Most stones will work with you , but clear quartz is the most versatile.

Keep your agreement in harmony with the natural energies traditional uses and your intuitive sense of the purpose of the stone. Program a loving stone like rose quartz for loving ,calm, peaceful purposes A grounding stone for appropriate purposes.
Singly terminated quartz crystals are most often used though round crystals and other stones work quite well also.

It is quite important that you are quite clear and focused on just what it is that you do intend. Even if you are using a programming shakti you need to have your intention very clear and accurate . You might want to write down your proposal first and before you consult a stone or other object to promote a particular emotion think it through carefully. You can ask the crystal to help you with clarifying your needs and intentions.

When I was first learning to program crystals I had a number of misfires which both demonstrated to me the effectiveness of crystal programming and the need to understand exactly what you are asking for, seek agreement and to consider ramifications.
I once charged a stone with the intention that it promote happiness in a large room and after a few days we all became very irritated at the constant "Happy" energetic nagging . It was just not comfortable or natural. I also once programmed a stone to promote sleep in a bedroom and it was so effective that it was virtually impossible to do anything else at all in the
room until the stone was cleared. My Love life virtually disappeared. Even a plumber and a heater repairman were struggling to remain awake to their great puzzlement.
You also need to be very clear as to how your program might actually be interpreted A program intended to help you see auras might instead help make your aura visible to others .
You may also be surprised by some results , A stone programed to assist with other being communication was too effective as I was flooded with information and emotions from animals, trees insects and even a lawn . These were early experiences. When I learned to pay attention to the responses of the Crystals the results became much more consistant with my intention.

I often ask a crystal for help with mental alertness and emotional clarity. This has not caused any difficulties . You want to help not overpower. These cautions apply even more strongly toany agreement involving Love relationships etc. if in doubt don't do it!. Crystal programming is to be used only for good and in accord with Your soul purpose. You cannot and should not use these techniques to try to manipulate others .

When you wish to change the program of a crystal thank is and intend to conclude the agreement. Some people use tiny stickers to put a word or sign on a crystal so that they can remember what they have contracted for..

People often ask a crystal to transmit a healing energy like Reiki.To do this hold your crystal partner and run the
energy while holding the intention that the crystal transmit the energy usually to a particular person or situation.

Your agreements should be in your own words which is why I do not have a list of specific
examples . It is traditional that most programs include the concept that the work be in accord with the highest good.

Crystal "programming " is an agreement between you and the crystal to work together for a given purpose. The technique amplifies and focus your ability to work with the crystal and allow the crystals to be at their most effective for the selected purpose. You are enetering into an agreement with a living being.

Home work: Practice sensing your crystals and try out at least three different contracts. Please share your experiences programming crystals with the crystal workshop .
Share any other techniques that work for you.

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this post orgin is from Peggy J

thought i would share it here also its a good way to look at it if you are new to this or want to try a diffrant way.

This is great thank you for sharing !!! Blessings Love Jess

Namaste Apachestone! Of all of the books I have on crystals, none can compare to the valuable info you have just provided here....You have put information within the context of simple understanding and added information that I have not read anywhere else...because it comes from your own in-depth experiences and I am grateful for that-Your infromation has allowed me to connect with the web of life, connecting me to my stones/crystals in a way that I have not found before-I am deeply grateful-Bright Blessings, Ianna

The information on here was so good and detailed, I had to like it.

I agree with the idea of asking crystals what they can help me with. As well as asking a crystal if it would like to help me with something specific rather than forcing it. Its better for making a bond with the crystal.

i whole heartedly agree. one of the kinds of programs ive worked with, were mental holograms. ive worked together with the consciousness of a quartz and the mental holograms were set continuously cycling and triggered based upon the intentions of the observer. those work pretty well.


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