Hi! I'm new here, I would like to call on the Morrigan, but am new to this and could use some guidance please. Are there any deep specifics I should follow?

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That is not an easy question to answer. It depends on why you want to worship this Goddess.

Her name is a title.

Do you aspire to public office, as her name means ‘Great Queen?’

Are you a soldier, or a Police woman, or perhaps you follow the Martial arts, Judo, karate, as this is a Goddess of battles and destiny?

Are you a Nurse or a Doctor in Pediatrics, as she is associated with the Mothers and Modron, which means Mother, and is the Mother of Mabon, who is my God and Goddess? Perhaps you’re into Love spells, as apart from her bloodthirsty warmongering, she also has a lust for men, just like the Sumerian Inanna, whom she much resembles?

Are you looking for a positive sexual role model to fulfill your desires, as it’s only in today’s Patriarchal world that sex is so frowned upon, and used as a way to control women, unlike in the ancient pagan world where sex was celebrated in ritual and belief, and women had much more freedom? The Minoan Snake Goddess wears a dress that bares her Breasts, and is the 'Sacred Breast' of the spiritual on many levels, and how Minoan women communed with the Goddess.

When you understand what your relationship is too her, you can decide on how to construct a way to worship her.

In a sense, there is indeed a linking of her warring side, there is a feeling of understanding. She knew and felt love. She’s not immune to love. She just chooses to not feel it because of hurt, a broken heart. That is for example one thing that draws me to her besides her classically known and talked about aspects. I feel drawn to her for both. And even more when I learned of the heartbreak. I have been also regarded as being similar, though very few people know how I also am. And so on and so forth.


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