I'm in the navy stationed on a ship that has been in and out of port. one thing that I have noticed whenever i am out to sea is that I have a hard time getting myself grounded. I mean i am kinda in the middle of a giant puddle. I've tried drawing from the ocean which sometimes help, but most of the time it just exhaust me. Is there anything extra that I can do or bring with me to keep me ground so that everything doesn't go all hay wire on me?

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Hello there. It's nice to see another squid in the group. I'm no longer in the navy but I can give you some advice. Unless your a water sign it's going to be hard to draw energy and ground oneself from the sea. Think about the element itself, it's ever moving and in state of flux, I.e solid liquid gas. That's the reason your exhausted your dipping into that energy. I would suggest when in port grounding yourself and placing energy into a stone. You can then pull upon that energy when you need it. Let me know if this works next time you pull in. Until than I would suggest trying to absorb as much from the food you eat as you can. There is another option, which is dangerous but if you have enough positive energy within it could work. Only do what I'm gonna tell you until you pull into port and can gather some basic stones from the ground. Place your hand/back on the bulkhead and plug into the energy of the boat itself. You will be drawing on negative and positive so be careful. If you feel bad energies stop what your doing and don't do it again until you get your stones. Hope this helps.


that might help. i am a water sign, pieces, and i have been able to draw on and ground myself with water before, but it has always been fresh water, lakes, creeks, i've even used tap water. the times before with sea water i've always been at the beach so i was on land still. why would the ocean have a different effect? also what type of stones would be best for me to use when i do this? i am in port right now

Continue to draw from the ocean, as it is a great energy source.  So are the moon and stars outside at night if you can go outside at night.

As a fellow Piscean, and a USN vet too, may I suggest that since you're used to fresh water ~ considered "ordered", as it is useful for irrigation and consumption ~ drawing power from sea water may be unsettling to you because it is "chaotic", that is, not easily used by land-based animals and plants.  As humans, we're a special animal that has adapted itself to many environments, able to process saltwater to fresh, able to develop SCUBA and submarine artificial mini-environments, etc.

If you understand that the water around you while you're at sea is our "borrowed" environment, that it is a "wilder" form of the waters you're previously used to, you may discover that the sea has more power than you're able to handle ~ that's ok ~ just treat Her with respect, as you would any wild thing.  If you envision yourself as a Tree, drawing cool power from the Water beneath you as well as hot energy from the Sun, you will feel "grounded" not physically, but emotionally and spiritually, as those powers combine in you, nourishing the Tree within you.  I hope this helps!

Threefold Blessings,
Fi'rinne Dairinn (Sharon Finnegan Terleski)


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