I'm new to this group and I wanted to post an introduction for myself but I was also hoping to hear from others within this group. I want to know who else is here and who you guys are.


My name is Lyakios, I'm 23 year old Pagan female. I've always been trying to figure out what exactly my path is, I usually just say that I'm a Pagan on a Shamanic path with interests in Celtic Paganism and Druidry. However, I think I'm going to start focusing more on the Druidry and Celtic part. I'm currently reading as many books as I can about the subject, authors such as Philip Carr-Gomm and John Michael Greer. I also own the Druid Animal Oracle and the Druidcraft Tarot which not only give insight and lore on the decks but also the animals or people or images within these decks. They're both extremely in depth.

Anyway, I'm currently contemplating becoming a member of the AODA and then the OBOD in the future when I can afford it.

Cernunnos is my patron god and we have a pretty good relationship going right now. You can read more about that as well as my path at my blog if you wish.



I hope to hear from others and get to know the other people here. I want to know how people got started on their Druid path.


I also hope no one minds that I've decided to start this discussion :)

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I was raised in a Druid family (I was taught the Druid way by my GrandFather) My patron and brother is Cernunnos. I looked into the AODA and the OBOD but decided not to join, They have some lifestyle beliefs I belive are too far for me to follow. And some of there teaching are against what I was taught as a child.

Ive read all the books and own as many as I can for further research into my history. My advice to you is to be true to yourself. Remember, "Truth Above the World" and everything will fall into place.


An introduction page is a good idea.

My name is Ed Bonthron. I have been a pagan for many years. I have recently been looking more into Druidry. I am a member of OBOD and ADF.

Why Druidry? My mother was born in Ireland and the old stories call out to me.

Introductions are always good. I'm pretty new to paganism but there's something drawing me intensely to the Druid path. Something unseen that pulls me in this direction. I have a book and will slowly be building a collection of books but I feel painstakingly lost. I'm a hands on learner so just 'reading' about the ways won't help me nearly as much as being around people who practice regularly. What I'm most interested in is energy healing as "faith healing" is within my family, passed on to every other gen (and it's my generation's turn). However, I will never get to learn it from my family because I think they believe it's a patriarchal thing and women should not learn this. 

Um, I suppose I skipped my name, Stormy is what you can call me until we know each other better. There are several reasons why I choose my name to be of a Storm.... I'm not sure what else I can add in here. I'm a mother of 1 son and have 2 animals, a dog and cat. 

Hey there :) You might want to make an introduction in this group rather than on my personal introduction since no one may see it otherwise. That way you can get comments and feedback if you want it.


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