Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm not a drummer yet, but plan to put a long held dream in action and purchase my first this year.

I've wanted to be a drummer since fifth grade band. Alas, my instructor thought I had the perfect mouth for a flute, so that is the instrument I was assigned to play. I wasn't very inspired by the flute, however, and never put my heart into learning to play it well. In fact, I actually never learned to read the music at all. I learned to play by ear, and was good enough at it that no one realized I couldn't read the music (I wasn't even last chair, lol). I even won second place at a band competition.When I was in the eighth grade, we moved to a different state in the middle of the school year, and I wasn't permitted to join the band. To my relief, that ended my short, sad relationship with the flute (which I do think is a very beautiful instrument, but just not MY instrument).

Drums, now drums are a different animal to me. They are alive and beckon to me.Now that I am the adult and get to make the decision about what instrument I take up, it shall be the drum. Specifically, the bodhran.So here I am to learn, and admire all of you who are already well on your way on your own drum journies:)

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My musical background is very similar to yours, only I enjoyed playing the flute-and when we moved to another state (eight grade) I was not permitted to play in the school band because I wasn't present at the end of local seventh grade to try out-even though I had played for five years by that point. I always wanted to play the drums, but my parents would never allow it. I have fallen in love with playing the drums-and have found it to be a vital tool to my connection with my spirituality and my community. I wish you luck in your journey of discovery. Trust me, once you pick one up, you won't be able to put it down, and you will only want to learn more, play more, meet more drummers, play more, buy more drums, etc!

Welcome to the Clan! I hope that you find it helpful!
Thank you for the welcome, Nianna:) I have had glimpses over the years of what I am in for whenever I've been present at a live percussion performance, lol.
And so it begins........ :)


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