Okay, so my thoughts are turning toward purchasing my first bodhran, and I've been doing a little reading on it. A couple of sites say that it might be better to start out on a bodhran with a synthetic head instead of a skin head, because they tend to be able to take the wear and tear of constant practice and mistakes while practicing.

Since the only drums I've ever played in the past are my son's drum set (terribly, lol), and a little toy drum I had as a kid, I thought I'd ask the opinion of those of you who have played drums with skin heads.

Do you think it would make a difference what I started out on? Could I develop any habits of hitting a synthetic head too hard that might be detrimental when I switch over to skin? Is there any difference in the way you create tones on a bodhran with a skin head and one with a synthetic head?


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It won't make a difference in regards to playing habbits.... It's my honest opinion though that synthetic heads are almost always better if you're going to get a frame drum... ideally one that has the littles lugson them for tuning.



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