Last beltaine I attended an open ritual which included a live introduction to the wonders of drum circles. I now have my own drum and am egger to find a local group.

Anyone drumming near the Charlotte, NC area?

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Congrats! You'll have so much fun with it!

If you are part of a coven or other group, they might know of some open drum circles in your area. Another way to find drum circles close to you, is to look on the bulletin boards at your local health food stores, coffee shops, or mystical shops. If you attend local festivals there is sure to be some drumming, and there you may meet drummers that live in your area.

If these don't pan out, there is nothing that says that you can't start a circle of your own. Put out the call and the drummers will gather. You can use the events listings here on Pagan Space to start a circle in your area by announcing an open circle, and where and when it will take place. Talk to your coven mates to see if they would be interested in getting this off the ground. Once the ball is rolling, and a circle occurs regularly, you can be sure that more and more drummers will appear, and with that, a community.
Congratulations on your first drum! We hope it brings you all peace, love, joy and may the drum spirits fill your life and carry you into your future.

If you ever get down to Central Florida, come by the Summerfield Circle, held on the Saturday closest to each full moon.

Hello! And welcome to the wonderful world of drumming! I know of one thing in the Charlotte area, Yasmine, of Bellydance Superstar fame, has a studio and has workshops on a sort-of regular basis. Carmine Guida ( comes down, and Issam Houshan, Bellydance Superstar's main drummer has had an intensive workshops there. Yasmine's drummer, Joe, I think has things going on too. Check out her site: for more info. She may be a good recourse for things other than rituals and things of that nature.

And again... welcome! May your fingers bleed and that you shake the earth! (mine almost did one night at Pennsic... hours of drumming!!!)


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