My boyfriend pulled out an old Ouija board someone gave him and I fear what could be attached to it. When he informed me the nature of a teen who gave it to him (total trouble maker), I feel there is need to deal and rid of it (since when I touched it I got the witchy heeby geebies). In a book about protection magick by Ellen Dugan it mentions after cleansing it to break it and wrap it in red string, place in a paper bag with the rune Algiz (the one that looks like a bird foot print), and throw it away in a public trash bin far away. I looked around on the net and some mention your not supposed to break it but to seal it up and put away. Which is the right advice please help me out, I want to deal with it while my son is away on a camping trip for Boy Scouts.

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DO NOT BREAK OR BURN OR OTHERWISE TRY TO DESTROY THE BOARD! This will not help it will only make the situation worse. Cleanse it using whatever you can or prefer. sage, holy water, blessed salt, or even black salt. Wrap it in a cloth, bind it, and put it away somewhere no one can find it.

I agree with you HpesoJ. Normally I would just say cleanse the board, pray or invoke any deities/ancestors/ angels to remove any residual from the board and then use it. The exception would be if I REALLY got emotional and physical negativity from it as if something was attached and would not leave. Then I'd get rid of it. Ianna:)


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