How does being ecclectic effect the way you perform ritual? How did it evolve?

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Im not sure how it evolved but I know it does not effect the way I perform a ritual depending on how I feel at that moment will determine how I do it.
Many Blessings
Being eclectic allows me the freedom to worship God and Goddess in ritual in a way that feels natural to me. While I do follow many "normal" steps of ritual ceremony, I don't get hung up on figuring out what is "correct" and what is "wrong" (for example, altar placement, alignment of the pentacle, using an athame and/or wand). I incorporate what I understand and what best helps me focus on the ritual.

My ritual definitely evolved by both reading how different traditions perform (and why), and performing the rituals myself. I look fondly back on my first rituals, but wow did I struggle at first! :)
Life, magick, and philosophy all have to be organic. There is no " one " way to do things.
i found that i had the same experience. i remember when i first set up an altar something seemed off about it, then later i set it up without any guidelines and i loved it.
I find that not being a part of one formalized group has allowed me to develop my own take on things. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy other people, but I no longer have to modify my own beliefs. How has this modified my ritual? Not too much. I have done some work with other people, and have always found the result to be unsatisfying. But, I always enjoy hearing other peoples take on things, what has worked for them, and what hasn't. How did my being ecclectic beliefs evolve? My beliefs are grounded in a mish mash of western occultism, eastern philosophy and a dose of east Canadian practicality, so I believe I have all the bases covered. I am excited to have other view points.
Dave P.
I've more or less always been eclectic so I just... go with what I feel.

Most rituals are rather unorganized and mostly dependant on improvisation for me. I'll grow more eventually though.

- Wolfish
It means I'm willing to experiment and modify my methods. When I learn soemthign that strikes me, I modify my ritual and if I like it, it stays.
I used to follow a more wiccan-based structure and as I became more eclectic my ritual form became more open and broad-based, depending on how I feel about a given ritual.


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