Would Love to Know What Elements/Practices You Incorporate As An Eclectic Witch/Pagan

Greetings! Would love to know more about members in this group as it relates to your eclectic practices and beliefs. Personally I started out Wiccan, then realized there were elements and beliefs that I did not resonate with but did keep some, such as honoring the wheel of the year and the changing seasons, working with the solstices and equinoxes, doing rituals and spells during certain moon phases, making my own herbal/resin incense, potions, oils and poppets. The belief in the Lord and Lady and what you send out can come back times three are examples of what I did not relate to. I also incorporate many elements of certain authentic Native American beliefs, I do have two animal totems, I sage with an eagle feather daily, do drumming to honor the creator and my deity Goddess Hecate, am learning how to interact and sing to certain plants as well as learning more about herbs used within certain tribes for health and Shamanic journeying, have always been drawn to many forms of divination such as the Tarot cards, skrying and Runes. 

Now I'm interested in Hoodoo practices which originated in the deep south. I'm very drawn to their methods of candle magic and using mundane objects and herbs for health and prosperity intentions. The use of magnetic sand and load stones for drawing love/money, the use of Chinese washes for cleansing are also interesting. But, Hoodoo's roots were born from the Black Protestant churches years ago and a huge part of their practice and spell work involves the bible and certain Psalms which is a turn off to me. Basically I glean from other traditions and tweak them to better serve my comfort zone and beliefs. I read up on other traditions such as Voudon (Voodoo), Santeria, Palo, most of which are of Caribbean/African heritage but I'm not drawn to them. In fact, I'm not comfortable with religions/beliefs that include Orishas which to me are very old, very powerful powers which I know I would have a problem controlling. So- That's some of my form's of my eclectic beliefs and practices....any care to share theirs? Hugs, Ianna

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