What are those challenges that you set yourself along the way to becoming a fitter healthier you (apart from loosing weight gaining fitness) is it to lift a heavier weight run faster or longer. mine is to run in the cities local fun run the city to bay which is a 12kilometre walk/run. i am doing this with members from my gym its on sunday the 21st and i have NEVER done one before always been too lazy, found an excuse or simply said I CANT DO THAT ....... well this year i can and i WILL .................How about you ?

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well seein as no one else replied I WILL well i did the 12 k i walked it was a glorious day and i acheived it i took each step and i am proud of each and everyone of them 12 months ago i couldnt have done it

Well, I'm starting to move from just eating less junk/crap to wanting to walk in and among the hills of southern Kentucky. I'm sure that those will be a challenge given my current physical state.


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