My friends, I can't tell you how much happier and healthy I am now...with combination of cutting out fast food since May 24th, (although I do allow myself a LITTLE Taco Bell once a week), and JUICING my own drinks, It has been relatively EASY.


You don't even NEED to buy one of those expensive juicing machines either ( I use a Hamilton Beach mini blender with just ONE little PULSE button. Only cost me $14.95. :)


I use SPINACH LEAVES in ALL of my juicing. Here are a couple of MY favorite concoctions.


Take a handful of spinach leaves (rinsed with water of course), put in blender/juicer. (Magic Bullets work great too!)


A Handful of rinsed berries (your choice...I've been using strawberries and blueberries)


Add a little WATER and 3 or 4 ice cubes. BLEND, PULSE, JUICE! Regular blenders work too, but will take more patience. :)


Pour and drink your 100% pure and healthy drink. I've been having one a day.


You can add whatever FRUIT or vegetables you desire, to your taste. You can even toss in some flax seeds IF you want. I have not, but might in the future. The latest craze I got myself on is mixing spinach leaves with a banana, water and ice. MMMM MMMM GOOD and tasty.


REPLACE those sugar laden sodas and energy drinks with JUICING your own drinks. Love life, have that energy and LOOK GREAT! :)




-David Darkfire-

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