Hello all,

First off congratulations to all who are making healthy choices inside and out.

Next, I was wondering if anyone else deals with extra challenges to keeping healthy.

I have full blown fibromyalgia and the weight management is becoming a new concern. So diet changes, supplements, and as much movement as can be tolerated has been implemented. I have excepted that this will be a slow process, but it still has its moments of disappointment. I used to be athletic prior to the onset of this disease. Then I was still able to workout moderately and do activities with the kids some. That was eight years ago. The Fibro has now progressed to making it ten times harder. After the birth of my last child I have been struggling the most. He is now one and a half. 

I deal with pain, not the kind you feel after normal workouts, but intense striking pains and constant aching and swelling. I deal with major fatigue and headaches. I hurt after the least exertion or with no moment at all. 

Does anyone else deal with similar issues?

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I am right there with you.....I have had heart failure last summer and had to drop school, plus was terminated (paperwork or not) from work because of it. Now I am in the process of "turning myself around" health wise. I have high blood pressure and pretty much gave up on those due to the VA HOSPITAL. I live in PHOENIX and yes I have to deal with the hospital BS as well. So thats why no meds for me. JOHN MCCAIN..........really??? IDTS. I am coming to realize what I need to do. 

Wow. I bet you have a purpose to fulfill by going through that. My family also has many special needs and convincing doctors there is something wrong is insane. I am trying to experiment to figure out what to do to make this work. We are slowly trying to get disability and start a home business. I look forward to hearing how you are doing. 


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