Since we have started the "last half" of the year, I "broke down" and made myself a personal "weekly cheat sheet". Yes I have it broken down by the days in one direction and the "what to do" in the I added the color coordinated it by green/done, yellow/non-applicable(n/a), and of course red/not done. I have done this personally for a few months last year but always had an "outside wrench" thrown into my schedule and had to stop. Now I am not gonna put up with the "outside wrench" any more and get back to what I need to do health wise. The one who is tossing the "wrench" is the main problem that I am having, and am so threw with it. I have like 40 lbs to loose and can't do it by doing "nothing". So even if my cheat sheets first day is "red", its not gonna stop me by "going green" the rest of the week. :) Yes I did/will let the "wrench tosser" know about it.

I have "work out" dvds (which I love doing), have a "membership" to PLANET FITNESS" with my mom when she goes to work out. I also do weekend "YOGA" at the Women's Center that I am apart of, plus I also am a cook which helps out with the food portioning. Now if can only get some food in the house I will be okay.... ;).

I will keep this "topic/discussion" updated the best that I can.

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Its been some months since you started all this. How is it going? I wish you luck to continue. I am starting once again. Menopause and hormones are supposedly make it harder, but am trying to figure that out. Let me know.


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