Healing Herbal Teas

Many hundreds of herbs are known to have medicinal qualities. Even in
light of modern synthetic medicines and the many wonders they
accomplish, many people are looking to herbs as a source of healing,
disease prevention, and general well-being. Used correctly and wisely,
herbs can provide desirable medicinal results without adverse side

You should not substitute herbs for any prescribed medications you are
taking under a physician's care. Nor should you look to herbs as a
cure-all. They tend to be much milder than synthetic medications and
More slowly, but they can be a healthy part of a balanced practice of
health care.

Here are several herbs known to have medicinal qualities and some of
their uses. Noted in parentheses is the part of the plant that should be
used. At the bottom of the list is a set of directions for making
herbal tea.

To Calm Frazzled Nerves and Promote Sleep:
Chamomile (flower)
Lemon Balm (leaves)
Lime (flower)
Sweet Marjoram (flower, leaves)

To Reduce Fevers:
Angelica (leaves)
Basil (leaves)
Catmint (leaves)
Chervil (leaves)
Marigold (flower)
Safflower (flower)
Sage (leaves)
Thyme (leaves)

For Coughs and Colds:
Elderberry (leaves)
Hyssop (leaves)
Lungwort (leaves)
Rose (flower)
St. Johns Wort (leaves)
Thyme (leaves)
Fennel (roots)
Sage (leaves)

To Relive Headaches:
Anise (leaves)
Lavender (flower)
Lemon balm (leaves)
Rosemary (leaves)
Woodruff (leaves)

To relieve Constipation:
Elderflower (leaves)
Sweet cicely (seeds)
Violet (flower)

To make an herbal tea of the herbs listed above, choose a China or
glass teapot (not metal). Use tablespoons of the fresh herbs chopped or 2
teaspoons of dried herbs. Place the herbs in the teapot. Add 2 cups of
boiling water. Let it stand for about 10 minutes. Strain, and then
sweeten if desired with honey or lemon. A usual dose is one teacup full,
three times a day.

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thank you

You're most welcome John!

I like this as well, but, I would add Feverfew to the Fever and Headache area as well.



Yes feverfew is quite good for headaches as well.  I happen to be allergic to it though so I most certainly turned a blind eye to that one :) 


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